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  1. Setting up Alora Proxies

    Fightnames I can’t get proxies to work still either
  2. Banker's Introduction

    Welcome man!
  3. Dawntained.

    Dawntained for sure. Seems to have the most active wildly, staking etc. seems to be a very solid server I’ve started playing it since soulplay is 50% people afk at ge I’m their 200 player base. Soulplay is dying at an alarming rate. Dawntained is super fun and a solid server. Very low disconnects as well my account has been logged in for the past week never dcs

    yup and he never even offered her real life money for anything. She told him she can get anything and he said he wanted a specific ammount of an item. and they took that as rwt. even though he never told her a payment method. Soulplay is slowly falling apart and dying.

    There is soulplay mods lurking around scythe/xobot. i suggest only buying from people you really trust. my friend just got banned on soulplay with 60b bank because ex moderator "eve" got caught rwt. now she is giving up everyones names shes ever traded with to try to get her account back. Just be weary people. they are out here lurking.
  6. Soulplay EXT donator non prestiege

    I use proxies on the xobot client, i bought vip for 1 month to try it out. it hasnt ever been used on this acc. this account has never touched an ip that i use for botting. i keep all my bots on separate ips than the accounts i actually play the server on.
  7. Soulplay EXT donator non prestiege

    Okay thanks for the tip! im taking some pictures right now.
  8. Soulplay EXT donator non prestiege

    I have a soulplay account for sale. No prestiege all chaotics full void. max combat 96 summ. 95 prayer. multiple 99 skilling stats. This account has never been botted. $364 dollars donated. . Thanks for reading! starting bid is 7b soulplay gp! https://ibb.co/g4L5ud https://ibb.co/gZjR0J https://ibb.co/jVWvud
  9. Setting up Alora Proxies

    Is the profile name my in game username?
  10. Setting up Alora Proxies

    Currently opting in for username and passwords for my proxies to see if they work. So far nothing without user or pass
  11. Setting up Alora Proxies

    Okay so I have working proxies that I use for soul play. I’m putting in my profile, that’s my username right? And then I put the port and ip. I’ll double check if my proxies have passwords
  12. Setting up Alora Proxies

    Hey guys i know how to setup soulplay proxies as its pretty straight forward. but i noticed the alora is actually called the "uid manager" instead of network whatever. i dont understand how to lock in my proxie apparently because it still says im ip banned. can anyone give some assistance?
  13. SoulPlay Bot client not working HELP

    sorry about the post and i figured it out. i recently changed my password lol. i do appreciate the quick reply tho.
  14. hi ive been using xobot with vip purchased. now it just says cant login whenever i first open the client. suggestions? i have also redownloaded the client still same problem