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  1. Do proxies work on soulplay? Cant log in more than 4 accs

    Oh I understand now, it works. 10 clients and im only using 14% cpu. Dayum.. with osrs 10 clients im hitting 70-80% cpu. dayummmmmm
  2. Do proxies work on soulplay? Cant log in more than 4 accs

    What does this button do, when I click it nothing happens?
  3. dawntained ETA?

    I'd like to know this myself, however seems that the admins don't reply often/aren't very active
  4. Client not working

    Possibly IP banned for botting? Clients working for me
  5. I bought some proxies, they've worked to what I can tell. I still get the starter kit each time I create an account. However, I'm now trying to run 5 (all different proxies) but I'm getting this: https://gyazo.com/792bd4cc78674f76c4d76db43c24faa4 I'm confused as to why I can't log in more than 4, even with diff proxies. Edit: somehow, they don't actually work. I'm gettin the same issue trying to log in with my home IP. Edit: Yeah it seems that the proxies work/don't work at the same time. after closing the 5th, I can log in 4. 5th doesn't start
  6. buying 100 tutorial complete osrs accs.

    Buying 100 tutorial completes for OSRS, looking for a long-term supplier. Accounts must be cooled down 4+ days, PM or add my discord: AsBakedAsCake#3127 Paying 100k each. (10m for 100)
  7. bug? Any bot i use spams the potions it has in inventory?

    same here, scripts need a small update to fix that.
  8. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    interesting, I'll just proxy up. I need to figure out how to mule items without being detected though, trading is not an option. I know it's very easy to figure out who the mule is that way. maybe pking the account is the best option.
  9. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    How have your ban-rates been? I got wiped yesterday but now I've proxied every single account and I have a mod/admin list.
  10. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    Works after restarting, weird how the bot gets stuck in certain states. sometimes stuck at bank, sometimes it will click on the same sarcophogas over and over n sit there til u fix.
  11. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    Neo, this is broken now. Just sits in bank withdrawing pots/dds over & over. please fix.
  12. Client does not log back in with account selected.

    Well thats good for you, but you'll also get caught lol. I botted for 2 days, about 10 hrs/day and: https://gyazo.com/9e4c5a1ceb4f5eaa25e23bbc51ecd998
  13. I'd like to cancel my payment so I'm not charged next month. Thanks, it was good to give this a try.. but I'm not actually going to be able to make any money here: https://gyazo.com/9e4c5a1ceb4f5eaa25e23bbc51ecd998 Sad times. I pretty much figured that botting RSPS would be a lot less detectable than OSRS, I was totally wrong lol. Maybe if there was some type of auto-responder, they would have left me alone. I really think all they wanted was to see was "hi" or "why did you teleport me?" If I had responded the first time, they most likely would have left me alone. Edit: Found out how to disable the payment, disabled now. For anyone who decides to give this a try, I didn't get caught until I started botting Zulrah (soulplay) I believe this is a highly watched area so I'd recommend sticking with something else/making your own private scripts with your own methods.
  14. All accounts are already logged in?

    I've been botting on 3 accounts all night and now it says they're already logged in. Are they banned? they've been stuck like this for an hour or so False alarm: server is just currently offline.
  15. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.2 Updated)

    I love this script, its pretty frickin fantastic. Thanks for providing, Neo!