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  1. I fixed it by running it from cmd with the command java -jar <LOCATION OF THE FILE>
  2. title says it, I could run it before without problem
  3. Buying & Selling Soulplay/Alora/Dawntained/Roatz/Runewild

    give us the soulsplit $/B ratio headass
  4. Xobot 2.72

    cheers my man good shit
  5. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    they added a 1 minute timer please update this
  6. website/xobot unreachable and spam errors

    its still unreachable for me man
  7. website connection not working anymore, scripts wont load

    who is a staff member? please some names
  8. i also can't login anymore, i am currently using a proxy to get to this website, and on my school wifi the site doesn't load either haha can any moderator on this website look on any restrictions to my home ip? : thanks in advance!