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  1. Source would be awesome so we can add arrow/dart crafting ourselves. Other than that it's not bad.
  2. Client does not log back in with account selected.

    That being said.. I've definitely botted for hours with a different script while at work and didn't get kicked...
  3. Client does not log back in with account selected.

    Ah, mine's kind of different then.. I've NEVER seen the bot log me back in after being logged out. The times are totally random too... sometimes I'll be logged out after 2 minutes, sometimes 2 hours. It happens when farming (more common) and runecrafting. I'm starting to think it's a server-side automatic kick but I'm not sure what to do about it. It usually occurs when the script sends packets.
  4. Client does not log back in with account selected.

    I've also noticed with various scripts it'll randomly log me out but not log back in and the script will stay running. If I start the script from the login screen it'll at least log me in the first time, however. That being said there are times when I see it log me out, click Login and it'll immediately boot me again, presumably due to the bot trying to perform actions before I'm even fully loaded onto the server. This is all happening for me on Soulplay btw.
  5. SoulPlay Dridia's Potion Maker v2.0

    For those of you who might be struggling with the bot having to double bank after every inventory you can go into the BankingMethods file and do the following: Add Time.sleep(1000, 1250); at the beginning of public static void doBank() Took me a bit to realize why it was doing it, pretty easy fix though :]
  6. Interacting with doors

    Got it! I was able to fix it using a packet sending... that being said the Action 1: number changes frequently so if there's an easier way to do it without that I would love to know.
  7. Interacting with doors

    Unable to open the door at ::skill on Soulplay. Copied the script from rBuy and I'm trying to make it open the door but for some reason "Open" doesn't work. When I change "Open" to "Examine" it will examine the door...