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  1. SoulPlay [AIO]pSmithing

    not working. when in bank its takes 27 adamant and 1 hammer But should take adamant 50/50 coal. because adamant bar need 1 adamant ore and 1 coal ore
  2. SoulPlay NeoFireCape & NeoKilinCape

    NeoKilinCape wave1: kills 1st mage then does nothing (and killing it be running forward and backwards) had no time to investigate it more
  3. SoulPlay NeoFireCape & NeoKilinCape

    NeoFireCape 1st wave: west 2 monsters will not come to safespot. 3 wave: west melee monster not come to safespot (often) wave 5, boss wave : boss wave wont change prayer death 100%
  4. ITEMS ID's

    Where i can see item id's like food and items ? i cant find it