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  1. Cannot get past ban on alora

    I have my uid manager fully setup ip and all, and I have tried clearing my cache. still instadisable. Please advise.
  2. How does soulscape ban?

    I had 3 accounts doing Zulrah and i'm curious if I was caught because of all on 1 ip, banking in edgeville, or what. The banking in edgeville and a mod seeing me is my only guess.
  3. Working barrows bot :)

    Would anyone be interested in me releasing this?
  4. I can confirm client is bugged. Client logs out, nothing wrong with script. It then stops the script or keeps the script going but does nothing. This is odd because it logs in the first time upon running just fine. I'm not sure if barrows has anything to do with it but I do seem to get kicked here.
  5. Indeed I did. I even tried several times making sure I selected my account. Every time I end up waking up to my account in edgeville, logged out, with an inventory it didn't need to bank for(As in soulplay tp'd me to edgeville).
  6. I am constantly getting auto-logged out in soulplay for doing barrows. I can sit in ge for 24 hours and never get logged out, but when I do barrows within an hour it logs me out. I have my account selected and it still will not log back in except for the beginning when I start it logged out.
  7. Working barrows bot :)

    For soulplay. By kills I meant chests, havn't changed that yet.
  8. Client crashes to desktop no warning

    I can try but usually when the client crashes it closes the console too.if I get one I'll post it.
  9. May take 5 minutes, may take an hour, but eventually the client just closes. Happend multiple times to me, any idea, any fixes? Also, I just used -mXm1024 to see if that helps.
  10. Bug.

    Thank you. Now my only issue is the client is randomly closing. Any idea why? sometimes it takes 5 minutes. sometimes it takes 2 hours.
  11. Bug.

    Sometimes getCurrentHealthLevel returns 0. Restarted client and everything to no avail.
  12. How do you log to xobot

    Any kind of debug logs so I can debug bugs?
  13. Banned, is xobot detected?

    I was banned within 45 minutes of running the thieving bot, babysitting it. I didn't get any pm's or any teleports, just got logged out and banned. Is the client detected? Does anyone know how they detect bots?
  14. NVm I got it, had to import api
  15. I would love to start botting with xobot and writing scripts, but it won't let me import any of the missing red objects in eclipse. It gives no suggestions for imports... Can anyone help me out here?