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  1. Looking for a custom bot for Runex

    Looking for anyone who is willing to make a private Runex bot for me.
  2. SoulPlay ViHunter AIO

    Can confirm. I've tried starting it every way. At the bank, with/without jars in inv, at the imp I want to hunt, etc. Won't even buy jars anymore.
  3. SoulPlay [AIO] pCooker

    Can verify this problem. I just cook at ::skill.
  4. SoulPlay VIP qFrostdragons

    This is happening to me as well.
  5. Looking for non-runescape bot

    Looking for someone to create a bot for another game I play called Kingdoms at War. It's on PC and mobile. There are old bots for reference of what I'd like out of it here: https://kawbot.com/ If anyone is interested, let me know and we can discuss pricing. I dont have any experience coding but it seems like it should be fairly simple with the old bot as reference.
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    So I'm averaging 23-26 kills/hr with blood barrage. One thing that would make this script infinitely better would be an option to customize supplies from bank (like qFrostDragons script). I could probably do 8-10 kills a run versus 3-4 if I could take more restores and less sharks. Other than that, the script is almost perfect. With a serp help to save on anti-venoms and decent gear for dps, it just cruises right along. 9.5/10 for the time being, 10/10 with customizable inventory.
  7. TL;DR at end So this is going to be the story of how I made unlimited, 0-requirements geepees at 10s of billions an hour with essentially no effort. I actually rolled the moneybag back to 0gp at one point and just did it again. To answer a couple questions now, it rolls over to 0 somewhere shortly after 1T (which it does show as 1T) and no, it doesn't work anymore but you're welcome to try. So one day, my sad little 150-200m bank havin' ass was screwing around trying to buy some supplies for slayer in the edge shops. Your usual sharks, super restores, brews, range pots - you know, usual. Noticed I had a 2 dose super restore left in the inv after last trip killin' shit but was already at the supply store to re-up on my pots. figured I would just sell the mf and save the double trip to the bank to add this single pot to decant that I needed to do already. Bought my super restores for the 17k or whatever it was. Checked price on 2 dose super restore sold the gen store and was perplexed it was something like ~12k. Was slightly bewildered because I wasn't in the mindset to do quick math so I pulled a double-take and squinted a bit while the hamster got the wheel spinning and realized that was a profit. Decided to dig into this a bit more and thought I would see what other doses were worth. Sipped the mf and checked the 1 dose super restore. Nearly shit when it said ~8k. So curious to test a newly formed hypothesis, I dumped 49.5m of my probably 50m cash stack into noted super restores, ran the 10 squares or whatever it is to the chemist, tossed the ol' boi 500k to decant my newly bought 4 dose super restores into 4 times as many 1 dose pots. Now here's my rough math just so you can get a good idea how my money was moving around here: 49.5m/17k=2911 4 dose supers. 2911x4=11647 1 dose supers. 11647x8k=93.1m. I basically doubled my money in roughly 30 seconds. Probably less. For context, there was no buy limit on noted shop items at the time either. You could buy 10m at a time and the stock would never change. The only Limitation in speed I found later was that I could only sell 2147m worth of pots at a time because they didn't transfer directly to the coin pouch. So the method bottlenecked at around max cash stack every ~7 seconds once I was able to buy 10-20m noted 4 dose pots at a time and just stand at the gen store selling and and adding to cash stack for a while. I did this for probably an hour or two before I rolled the coin pouch over back to 0, then spent 30 more mins doing it to make back up to 500b or so. Went to the GE and bought EVERY donation ticket from $5-$100, EVERY tbow, tbuckler, nex set, rare, etc. You name it, I bought EVERY SINGLE ONE POSTED. Had roughly $2500 in donation tickets claimed on the account in the end after buying a few more via ::yell. Made it about 12 hours having the best time of my life. I walked around and found people that looked like I did about 2 or 3 hours before and just hooked them up. Dropped a tbow at home and watched a stampede happen. Ended in IP ban and I guess they figured out my trick because less than 4 dose sell for nothing anymore. TL;DR - Bought 4 dose pots ~17k ea in supply store in edge, decanted to 4x more 1 dose pots for 500k at chemist, could sell 1 dose pots to gen store for ~8k ea, made mad profit and got to the point where I was able to make cash stack every few seconds. Had a blast as the richest new $2500 donator in soulplay for about 12 hours and bought every donation ticket, rare, nex set, tbow, tbuckler, etc on GE. Ended in IP ban, 10/10 would do again.
  8. Auto relog?

    Where is "here" exactly? Better screenshot plz.
  9. Next Server Vote Poll

    I'd love to see Runex added.
  10. Soulplay scripts needed

    Have retested after post was made. Seems to work now. When I first used, it wouldn't even click a single obstacle, even from within the gate. Again, does work now.
  11. Soulplay scripts needed

    I referenced all of these in the post, but thanks anyway? Wildy does not work, period. Barb has never made it more than 2 laps without getting stuck for me, AND I FOLLOWED STARTING INSTRUCTIONS. And, like I stated above, Gnome works pretty well but is significantly less xp/hr than the others.
  12. Only loots ring birdnests so far. Have got 24 ring bird nests and have manually looted 2 seed bird nests as I've checked in from time to time. No telling how many other seed nests I've missed by not babysitting the whole time.
  13. Too many bots running

    If you would have read my reply to this, I mentioned this.
  14. Too many bots running

    Also, what causes this issue is the xobot green loading bar will often get stuck at different places and I will have to force close the app from task manager and try again. Most times takes at least 2-3 tries before one successful startup and usually before then, I run into the "too many bots running" issue. Make the client so that if you force close the java executable in task manager, it no longer counts as a "running bot". I don't see how a closed bot would still be considered "running". Another way to avoid the issue would be to just remove the bot limit. I mean the point of botting is generally to run several at once anyway, so unless this is a VIP feature (which I understand) then why have a limit anyway? I want to run as many bots as my PC would allow most of the time.