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  1. Next Server Vote Poll

    I'd love to see Runex added.
  2. Soulplay scripts needed

    Have retested after post was made. Seems to work now. When I first used, it wouldn't even click a single obstacle, even from within the gate. Again, does work now.
  3. Soulplay scripts needed

    I referenced all of these in the post, but thanks anyway? Wildy does not work, period. Barb has never made it more than 2 laps without getting stuck for me, AND I FOLLOWED STARTING INSTRUCTIONS. And, like I stated above, Gnome works pretty well but is significantly less xp/hr than the others.
  4. Only loots ring birdnests so far. Have got 24 ring bird nests and have manually looted 2 seed bird nests as I've checked in from time to time. No telling how many other seed nests I've missed by not babysitting the whole time.
  5. Too many bots running

    If you would have read my reply to this, I mentioned this.
  6. Too many bots running

    Also, what causes this issue is the xobot green loading bar will often get stuck at different places and I will have to force close the app from task manager and try again. Most times takes at least 2-3 tries before one successful startup and usually before then, I run into the "too many bots running" issue. Make the client so that if you force close the java executable in task manager, it no longer counts as a "running bot". I don't see how a closed bot would still be considered "running". Another way to avoid the issue would be to just remove the bot limit. I mean the point of botting is generally to run several at once anyway, so unless this is a VIP feature (which I understand) then why have a limit anyway? I want to run as many bots as my PC would allow most of the time.
  7. Too many bots running

    Have restarted computer several times, including hard reset. Keep getting a "too many bots running" error. Why is there a limit in the first place?
  8. Soulplay scripts needed

    This only has 10 users including me and yourself now. I thought I had added every script available for soulplay. Fiarly recent script posting.
  9. Soulplay scripts needed

    Small correction: Just realized NeoMiner does bank. Should specify in description or bot options that it does as well as have a bank OR powermine option when starting bot.
  10. Soulplay scripts needed

    Okay, show me the banking feature they offer? Also read that I specified they are power miner/choppers which DO NOT BANK and drop all resources on the ground. Come on man, all you had to do was read the post. I clearly stated there are options if all you want is xp. I want the xp and to keep all materials gained.
  11. Soulplay scripts needed

    Can't delete - Edit
  12. Soulplay scripts needed

    Going to try to keep this post short and to the point. Just a quick list of some basic scripts that would make the client multitudes better for soulplay. I will also note that I have no coding/scripting experience so if any are too work intensive, please kindly mention in the comments. A basic mining and woodcutting script to keep logs/ores and pick up bird nests and bank. Currently only power miners/choppers work and while mad gainz are always nice, I'd also like to have the materials to use for other scripts such as fletching and smithing scripts. Noticed most mining scripts also just use neitz for mining but ::mining seems far superior aside from no rune rocks and small possibility of handcannoner problems but with auto-retaliate off, they wouldn't be much problem. It seems like most mining scripts are coded for 1 ore and goes to next rock while the mechanics are more like WC where you can click once and mine a few materials before rock "goes away" so lots of unnecessary clicking happens that looks very bot-ish. An AIO script for all agility courses. Currently only the gnome agi script works and even it still gets stuck on the last obstacle after a while. Barb agi seems to only make it 1 lap before getting stuck and wildy agi doesn't work at all. Would very much like to see a hunter bot as it is the most tragically slow skill in the game currently. Even if it just banked all imps caught. These, from a layman's perspective seem like they would be fairly easy to make and they would make the client 10x better. While I realize it would be considerably more complicated and likely a VIP script if it were possible, a dungeoneering script would be massively worth the VIP price. I appreciate all the devs do for the client and hope to see some new and improved scripts soon! Happy botting everyone!