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  1. Herb cleaner

    As topic says, im requesting a herb cleaner. Could be easy as in you need to enter the ID's by yourself, or as i would prefer, a "Clean All" feature. A paint with exp/h would be nice, aswell as herbs cleaned and herbs cleaned per hour. Thanks
  2. Banned in Souplay

    How did you become banned? Did you go afk and someone bot-checked you?
  3. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Yeah they do. Some don't at all, and some quite often. However, the bot always succeed to log back in for me
  4. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Are you sure you have the right password in account manager? Worked fine for me. Been running it 50+hours last week
  5. SoulPlay RoflFiremaker (Soulplay)

    Can anyone have a look on this one? After i choosen location and log it nothing happends and i can choose to run a new script instantly
  6. Blk555!

    Welcome! Love to see you releasing scripts straight away
  7. SoulPlay Guard Maker

    Thank you for doing this request! Flawless @Neo
  8. Its for Soulplay by the way. Forgot to add that
  9. Shouldnt be that hard to make. However, i'm a bit to unexperienced as a java developer myself to be able to do it. You need level 70 construction and a dungeon to make the guards. You only need gold in your inventory and no materials. Exp/h is pretty great! Anyone up for it?
  10. Bot client not opening

    Not true thought. Client is now updated and works fine for soulplay again
  11. Alex Wildy theiver @@@sexpert

    Was this ever released?
  12. Longest time running a bot?

    I never bot without babysitting. Once in a while a staff member comes up to you and then you need to be ready
  13. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    Great! I would love this aswell!
  14. xobot not loading games at all, loading bar not moving

    c:\>java -jar xb.jar java.lang.ClassCastException: java.base/jdk.internal.loader.ClassLoaders$AppClassLoader cannot be cast to java.base/java.net.URLClassLoader at xobot.iIiIiIiiIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(vc:225) at xobot.iIiIiIiiIi.ALLATORIxDEMO(vc:265) at xobot.iiIIIiiIii.<init>(aa:188) at xobot.IIIIiiIiiI.ALLATORIxDEMO(kc:245) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:356) at xobot.iIiIiIIIII.ALLATORIxDEMO(ma:528) at xobot.iiIiiIiiiI.run(ma:9) at java.base/java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
  15. SoulPlay VIP NeoBarrelChest

    Its in the SVN https://xobot.org/scripts/