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  1. XO Bot costs money?

    Dont buy. Its not updated and not working
  2. Ikov

    You can infact still purchase VIP. I did and no response from Neo or Quintana when i asked for a refund of some sort
  3. SoulPlay nonBoltTips

    It needs a free slot for the bolt tips
  4. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    If i remember correctly, you said you were going to implement the ability to just write the name of an item in to the lootlist. Any ETA on that?
  5. Automatic Log-out on staff detection

    Apart from the on/off switch, you should be able to disable it for certian other places aswell. Like edgeville when banking or so
  6. SoulPlay nGemMiner

    Might be a random gem then. Didn't know about those so i thought it was from the rocks. Thanks for clearing that out
  7. SoulPlay nGemMiner

    Not counting Uncut Onyx in the paint. ID is 6571
  8. SoulPlay nHerblore

    Ironman I don't wanna waste the exp without dxp. Sitting with 15k grimy herbs atm thats why i need it so badly. I'll try to make one myself Thanks for the script anyway. Works flawlessy!
  9. SoulPlay nHerblore

    Lovely, thanks! Could you add the option to clean the herbs aswell?
  10. The scripts stops right after you have choosen your settings. Regardless of location/tree. Soulplay

    I bought from this guy a couple of months ago. I went first and he gave me the money right after.
  12. SoulPlay nGemMiner

    Finally! Thanks! Could you make it cut the gems into bolttips aswell?
  13. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    At round 4, rotation 1 it just runs back and forth not dealing any damage to zulrah waiting for the next round to start. Thats the only problem i've experienced since update 1.51
  14. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    The script works flawless now. Running at 27 kph after 1,5 hour. Could you add the option to use Strong Taming Rope instad of just the normal one?
  15. SoulPlay DzMiner (Donator Zone)

    Finally. Thanks!