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  1. Open to Requests

    ::dz miner Gem miner (lovely for ironmen)
  2. Soulplay donor zone miner

    Vouch for this. Much needed
  3. Looking to buy a dungeoneering-script

    Thanks mate. I know there are atleast one private script out there
  4. As topic says, im looking to buy a dungeoonering-script for Soulplay. PM me with your information Regards, Geugine
  5. SoulPlay VIP Dagannoth killer

    What gear is recommended for this? I have pretty much all diffrent setups but i have no clue which one to use
  6. Summoning Script for Soulplay

  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    I would love to se another textfield at the loot tab where you manually can type what item each ID are, or something like that. Doesnt need to be advanced at all
  8. SoulPlay Kumalo's Wolf Boner

    Add to SVN?
  9. Herb cleaner

    As topic says, im requesting a herb cleaner. Could be easy as in you need to enter the ID's by yourself, or as i would prefer, a "Clean All" feature. A paint with exp/h would be nice, aswell as herbs cleaned and herbs cleaned per hour. Thanks
  10. Banned in Souplay

    How did you become banned? Did you go afk and someone bot-checked you?
  11. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Yeah they do. Some don't at all, and some quite often. However, the bot always succeed to log back in for me
  12. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Are you sure you have the right password in account manager? Worked fine for me. Been running it 50+hours last week
  13. SoulPlay RoflFiremaker (Soulplay)

    Can anyone have a look on this one? After i choosen location and log it nothing happends and i can choose to run a new script instantly
  14. Blk555!

    Welcome! Love to see you releasing scripts straight away
  15. SoulPlay Guard Maker

    Thank you for doing this request! Flawless @Neo