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  1. Has anyone had this happen to them? It doesn't say my account is disabled but it says my account is still logged in even though its not. (It's been a couple of hours since) Does this mean I'm banned or is it glitched?
  2. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    Working good
  3. Xobot 2.71 & Soulplay public release

    An admin ported to me after my client crashed and told me I needed to update my client, should I be worried about botting on this client still?
  4. SoulPlay TaiBwo

    The opal machete only cost 1,000 trading sticks, Neo I think is confusing that with the 3,000 trading stick machete. Everything on the script works perfectly, it just won't click back on the machete after killing an NPC.
  5. SoulPlay TaiBwo

    Doesn't switch back to opal machete after killing NPC.