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  1. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

    Ok, thanks. I'll give it a whirl and report any issues. EDIT: Everything works as intended, i've successfully ran it twice with no issues. Thanks for the revamp!
  2. Starting 3D Library Stuck

    From the C: Drive or your operating drive, under Computer Name>Users>Soulplaycache (delete soulplaycache) Should clear it right up.
  3. NeoDungeon (Development)

    This is a very complex script and many many man-hours have been spent on it and it's been a long time coming. I believe it should be VIP only as well. If you want to keep the script writers in business, do not expect to receive awesome scripts without contributing.
  4. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

    BUG 1: I've been looking at the code and it seems there is not a condition set for sleeping which is why the bot just keeps clicking versus waiting for a full inventory/the fishing spot going away. BUG 2: After using the bot with a full inventory of Karambwanji, i noticed it will function to go to the next area (back to the fairy ring) however it is typing the "231/333" command too fast before the message box has the opportunity to show up. BUG 3: While trying to catch Karambwan in the next area, there is no sleep condition so the bot keeps clicking the fishing spot. As far as banking goes, I did not meddle with the bot any further than bug 3. Posting this in hopes someone can come along and update this bot as it is highly requested. @Dridia @Neo @Kumalo If you aren't too busy with life/current projects, maybe this would be something to look into one of these days or task a fellow scripter with. I know we all appreciate everything you've done and continue to do. Perhaps make this a VIP script if it gets updated, I know how much people would love this as it is such a good money maker. It wouldn't benefit anyone should the admins of Soulplay catch wind of a bunch of bot's and decide to take it out of the game or make it impossible to bot this.
  5. client stuck on loading screen

    @Neo Any recommendations on fixing this issue above?
  6. client stuck on loading screen

    I had this issue earlier today except I was unable to load the SP client and it kept getting stuck on "unpacking fonts". After re-downloading the client from the Soulplayps.com and restarting my PC I was able to load Xobot.
  7. client stuck on loading screen

    All, Please try deleting your soulplaycache folder which should be under Users>Your Computer Name>Soulplaycache (delete the whole folder) If that doesn't work, try restarting your computer.
  8. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    Bot works perfectly other than the cash not being deposited into the bank, it will run to bank but not deposit. Teleport works flawlessly. Might I suggest adding a 2 minute timer to the "add-to-pouch" feature? Seems suspicious if a mod/admin were to watch you run to the bank every 2 minutes vs. depositing the gold into your pouch. Keep up the good work, there are a lot of scripts that need simple fixes and I'm sure @Neo would appreciate the assistance. Edit: The Smithing bot was shutdown back in March, the script is open for changes and i'm sure you know that Soulplay changed the smithing process to a 1:1 coal ratio which basically made the previous bot not work. Might be an easy fix, just a suggestion. Edit: Script finally started banking gold at around 40 minutes. Don't know if this is due to lag on my pc or from script. Last edit, I swear!
  9. NeoDungeon (Development)

    Might I say, awesome job and it is definitely looking good! If you need a BETA tester later on, i'd be more than happy to help provide feedback/error reports, etc.
  10. Very simple script needed

    what kind of script do u need
  11. BadKush RSPS Hunter Bot

    yea ur right its only 20 online players so no point in asking
  12. NeoDungeon (Development)

    you should really make this vip for it wont get detected cuzz this seems like really advanced bot so it seems like it should be for vip only
  13. SoulPlay NeoTheiver

    i think he knows after so many of yall spamming the same bug problem over and over
  14. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    i never got banned or wiped