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  1. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    amazing thanks @pepsip77
  2. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    do you by any chance know how to compile the github shit for Mac? can't figure it out
  3. Help compiling scripts for Mac

    Is there any tutorial on how to compile scripts for Mac? Really bothers me that I can't figure it out lol
  4. SoulPlay VIP pMahogany

    woooo good stuff g! The script is beautiful otherwise! Thank you so much for making it PS: do you make any private scripts on request? I might want to buy one if you do shouldn't be anything massive
  5. SoulPlay VIP pMahogany

    same @pepsip77 any chance of having a hot-fix on this?
  6. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    oh thank you
  7. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Don't know if it's already been reported broken or if it's just me. As soon as I run it next to the Slayer master it just doesn't do anything and quits the script 1 second later @Quintana <3
  8. Alora Client stuck on Xobot loading page

    I have the same problem
  9. Alora won't open

    how do I run from CMD? I'm on a Mac, so I'm assuming it would be Terminal, but what errors would I look for and how would I get there
  10. Alora won't open

    Hi, Once I log in with my credentials on Alora it gets stuck at this white loading block. Any idea as to how I can fix it? I'm running it on a Mac
  11. 1

    Do you realize how easy it is for them to find your account when you specify how many $ you've donated, how many days has been played on it... and that it's a P3 LOL
  12. How do I add custom scripts (MAC)

    Thank you, will do! Not yet, waiting for Xobot to be updated for SoulSplit again!
  13. How do I add custom scripts (MAC)

    thank you. Another question; as an example, how would I compile this (https://pastebin.com/GTTsnce3) into a .class? Is this doable online or would I need Eclipse? @fabbur
  14. How would I add a custom script for me to use with the client on a Mac?
  15. SoulPlay Tomorrow's massive update

    oh that's dope! cheers g