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  1. Dawntained pest control

    Does pest control
  2. Dawntained NeoKraken

    That would be awesome
  3. Dawntained gem cutter

    Buy gems > cut them > continue thanks
  4. Alora VIP NeoZulrah (Alora)

    This going to be fixed?
  5. website connection not working anymore, scripts wont load

    @Neo (Admin) @Kumalo (Mod) @Quintana (Admin) @Boris (Script writer)
  6. Alora Xbot detected

    Everything you can imagine little boy You can just checkout my thread under "random" My botting journey. (its soulplay but whatever xD) Maby you ll see something in it that gets you motivated
  7. How to create a break profile?

    Exactly this, i use some scripts with 40 hour proggy's.. its just depends if mods check it or not.

    Hahahah ye i know my man
  9. website connection not working anymore, scripts wont load

    If i we're you i should remove you home IP really quick. and with that i mean really quick. you have no idea what people can do with that. @rivaldo Get help by PM'ing staff or something. post it somewhere where just staff can read.
  10. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Can you even read the other posts above? Dridia said:
  11. SoulPlay TaiBwo

    Gets stuck when it at then other side of the village repairing the fence, it tries to click exactly on the fence on the map, it is to big to walk around or something so it just stands still. can you fix this? If it gets stuck i always tele back, then it start repairing the fence from the start again.
  12. Client crashes to desktop no warning

    I never had a client close Hmmm...
  13. FrostDragon [VIP]

  14. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    A okay! thanks <3 It works ty
  15. Alora UUID Ban

    Did you delete cache + change UUID? otherwise its the same, or make a new user account on your computer should help (someone once told me, never tried)