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  1. Alora still risky?

    Is it still risky to bot? I got ip banned a few months ago after a few hours of botting. Should I not even risk it?
  2. SoulPlay NeoSmither

    Are you able to update the script for steel bars? You need 1 iron and 1 coal.
  3. SoulPlay NeoMiner

    I start the script on SoulPlay and nothing happens? No dialog box pops up or anything.
  4. Alora Alora's bot detection

    Same lol, IP ban here
  5. Alora Alora's bot detection

    Is it just me or is Alora's bot detection good? I have had 3 accounts banned in the last 24 hours botting. Two were pretty obvious(thieving in Edgeville), but the other one I botted rock crabs, Pest Control, and some slayer.