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  1. looking for SpawnPK bot will pay

    What are you guys after?
  2. sp dung bot

    Anything is possible with enough time...
  3. I'm back

    Of course, I can also make private scripts if needed
  4. I'm back

    Hi I'm back Going to be developing some custom scripts for SpawnPk but obviously they won't be on XoBot. Will also work on my old Slayer script eventually... But yeah, hi again
  5. Pretty sure almost all scripts are broken, will update mine soon.
  6. I have Dawntained Blood Money for sale! Stock: 3 Million PM me for the prices! This Blood Money is 100% legitimate, and not botted.
  7. Xobot 2.7

    Bots are all Java.
  8. Alora CyanEssence [SDN]

    Can you run the client from th command line using 'java -jar xobot.jar' and post the error here please.
  9. SoulPlay best money bot

    Zulrah is essentially zero risk of being banned tbh...
  10. Loading title screen suck at 9%.

    I believe SoulPlay hasn't been fixed for Xobot yet. @Neo can you confirm? Post says it has been done, but I am also having this issue.
  11. Introduction Hey hows it going

    Welcome to Xobot.
  12. Soulplay mahgony woodcutter.

  13. How do I add custom scripts (MAC)

    Hmu if you need a compiled version of my code
  14. Alora Alora's bot detection

    We have suggested that people don't bot on Alora at the moment due to their bot detection systems.
  15. Do we have an ETA on when SoulPlay will be back up and running? Also do we have an ETA on Dawntained