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  1. The VIP Issue and Ikov botting

    Ikov is not updated and it most likely won't be making a return.
  2. Trying to bypass MAC/UID ban on alora?

    Right click on it and click generate
  3. Xobot Loading Overlay stuck in my foreground

    Fairly sure it’s downloading everything will take some time to download it all
  4. Active?

    Ikov isn’t alora needs and update fairly sure ss only working one
  5. Alora Some small updates needed

    Using mouse api or packets
  6. SoulPlay Item Ids

    Itemdb.biz or In client debug -> inventory or whatever etc...
  7. ikov Update

    Don’t be surprised if you get banned... please think ... common sense god dam it...
  8. How would I...?

    Can’t with xobot sorry you’d have to make a whole new client api which you’d need coding experience
  9. create scripts for ikov

    Already one ???
  10. How would I...?

    Trying to hurt my brain? 🤔
  11. How would I...?

    Can’t happen . its not open source so you can’t add your own servers.
  12. BAN

    Boting obvious places will get you banned? you bot you risk the chance of getting banned ? Pretty obvious isn’t it? you just got unlucky . could range from 1 second to not being banned at all.
  13. create scripts for ikov

    Money making scripts get released to the the public they’re no longer a money maker.. you should already know this supply and demand... have a money maker script request it privately made
  14. Alora Some small updates needed

    Known issue since the release of provider hence the mouse api was released
  15. Alora Some small updates needed

    If scripts don’t use mouse api they’ll be able to detect ... it’s been a known issue since the beginning