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  1. [Anti-Ban] Talk back to staff

    Lol. array of staff members if player is near logout I’ve done this to still eventually get banned
  2. SoulPlay nonDZSkillShop

    Should upload code to GitHub
  3. A few questions regarding bot development

    Goodluck are you in discord yet ? Best place for questions to be answered
  4. [Anti-Ban] Talk back to staff

    Tried this still banned ... was ranked top 5 happened few time but still eventually got banned
  5. SoulPlay nonPlankMaker

    Delete this if (oakLogAmountBank() < 1 && oakLogAmountBank() < 1&& logAmount() < 1) { System.out.println("Out of logs"); return -1; }
  6. Soulplay Plank maker

    How long will it take you to make ?you should of done it already sounds simple
  7. Soulplay Plank maker

    Awesome ! when will release be
  8. Experience Listener

    Nice... but way to much code... on start get xp and on loop get xp - starting xp = Xp gained can all be done with current API
  9. This is not runescape ... you can get a great pure on osrs for $70 accounts don't go for much st all max be like $25


    Big task ... goodluck to the scripter (:
  12. SP acc for sale no prestige

    It's a shit account it's maxed on a private server with easy xp rates that's all
  13. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    Why would it do that? Lol...
  14. Alora Warning if tped to jail/staff home

    That's just a random tp not where they'll always Tele you. a way you could figure something out is if staff member has same x,y coords as you but your script isn't in the place it's supposed to be easy work around