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  1. soulplay gold $2 per b

    150b $110
  2. soulplay gold $2 per b

    minimum purchase 25b @ $2 per b 140b @ 1 dollar per b
  3. Stuck on loading.

  4. Buying private bot ikov

    got cash for private ikov bot
  5. Cause of disconnections.

  6. forget this post

    so is zulrah safe? been ran a acc for 24 hrs without anyproblems other than the accs logging out and me manually having to log them back in
  7. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    I must be doing something wrong lmfao
  8. banned while using vpn

    Ive been banned while using a vpn now my computer pops up account disabled as well as other vpn servers
  9. client wont load.

    Yes sir
  10. client wont load.

    was deleting the wrong cache was deleting ss3 cache and its just called soulsplitcache i believe
  11. SoulPlay Dridia's Karambwan Fisher v1.0

    Please Please Please make the gui more transparent so We can at least see when staff talks to us and such so we can reply and not get banned when we happen to be by the computer the chat box gets so darkened its hard to see anything in it. HIGHLY appreciate if you fixed that . Scripts still a+ just that little fault
  12. client wont load.

    Client keeps getting stuck at unloading sprites tried deleting cache no luck and the actual sp client seems to work just fine.
  13. banned from osrs so now im back

    tbh i already have and my stats are about the same as the acc that got banned by playing it legit so all is good all thanks to XO
  14. banned from osrs so now im back

    btw they denied my appeal
  15. SoulPlay [AIO] pCooker

    i have the same problem with this script as i have with pfisher when i get about halfway to bank or so ill disconnect and just keep disconnecting and reconnecting until i stop the script