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  1. Counting forum game

    *fancy graphic here* 18
  2. Alora cerberus

    Would be neat implementation for release
  3. Bounty

    Thank you both! I joined but have the wait time and what not so I'll see you around I guess
  4. Bounty

    Thanks guys! Is there a dedicated teamspeak or discord I can join? I can't seem to find anything.
  5. Bounty

    Hey guys I'm BountyZ or Bounty, whichever. I don't have much bot experience but I've played RSPS and RS in general for a long long time but obviously don't have time to play as I slowly decay into old-man-hood, so I heard about this place. I might give a few of the servers a shot and see how it goes and maybe the ones coming up and if I like it might even donate! Thanks guys.
  6. Xobot 2.53 beta (Alora)

    Can't wait for this to go public!
  7. Alora bot here

    Welcome and good luck with that!