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  1. SoulPlay NeoMiner

    Can we get Runite Support please and possibly Donor Zone?
  2. Alora Alora Cooker

    Can we get Manta ray support?
  3. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    Can we get Manta ray and anglerfish support?
  4. Alora fThiever, Pickpockets Master Farmers for seeds

    Love the script
  5. SpawnPK

    I think dawntained should be first.
  6. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Nothing works, no gui options or settings just sits there.
  7. Alora NeoPestControl

    Great work <3
  8. Alora NeoFaladorMiner

    Great script, any ban rate on this?
  9. Xobot 2.6 & Alora public release

    Great work but the bot doesn't fully load and can't log in now? Any fix to it?
  10. cant login?

    I can't log in either whats going on?
  11. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    From what the thread has said. I just ran for 7 hrs worked great.
  12. Alora bot

    I suggest making it non-vip to have more beta and bug testers
  13. SP acc for sale no prestige

  14. SoulPlay pFisher

    Great script <3
  15. SoulPlay Alex Power Chopper (XP)

    Something is wrong with this bot, nothing is working.