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  1. Xobot 2.72

    When I sign onto the bot, it just shows a black screen. Any ideas? I have deleted the bot, deleted my cache and redownloaded and nothing happens still.
  2. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    After some trial and error, it seems that you have to have one slot open for the character to pick up the coins. Who knew.
  3. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Using this on Soulplay... it seems that the bot isn't looting coins for me. It will still loot other items.
  4. Xobot 2.7

    I'm able to sign in but then get a black screen. I deleted my cache on SP, twice. However, still unable to get the screen properly. Any thoughts?
  5. Does the UID option work on here? I think my UID got banned on one of my computers.
  6. SoulPlay Proxy help???

    Thanks Neo. Do you know which ports are pro soul play off the top of your head? Also, should I use different proxies for different accounts?
  7. SoulPlay Proxy help???

    Just starting to use the bot... can anyone tell me how to change Proxy in simple terms? I see there's a way to in the menu but don't know if I'm doing it properly. Thanks.
  8. Tried running Xobot but not working...

    Nvm, figured it out.
  9. I tried to login into SoulPlay but it says "Could not login..." Also tried Elkoy and same thing.