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  1. alora agility

    @Kumalo not sure if a bug or not but it seems to ''click ahead'' which result in the script afking for longer periods of time. as i said not sure if u intended it to be like this but its kinda slow but i mean, hey atleast it does the job for you awsome u made working agility script so fast after request
  2. alora agility

    ty man ill post some feedback after ive tried it out
  3. alora agility

    thanks boss! any ETA? and will u make it vip?
  4. alora agility

  5. Fix broken Alora scripts

    just bot smart and u wont get banned ussualy. been botting alora 1 month now no ban botting thieving isnt the smartest choice cx the stalls are under constant checks by staff
  6. alora agility

    would love to see a alora agility script that could do rooftops (if u dont know seers village and ardy is the only ones working)
  7. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    great script works really good i think you should add a bury bone option (i mean most ppl probs have bonecrusher but i dont got it on all my accs)
  8. script works great so far would love to see it be able to use rigour/specs/piety
  9. Dawntained VIP qArmadyl

    i seemed to notice that the script dosnt pick up arma helms defiantly should be added!
  10. Dawntained Cerberus bot

    i suggest making a cerberus bot for dawntained if possible maybe just for vips or something. its maybe not the best money maker but it will give more of a choice what you wanna bot and it could help out on slayer tasks.
  11. Dawntained VIP qArmadyl

    you should add so it uses the blowpipe special or have a checkbox to turn it on
  12. question bout dawntained

    thanks for ur advice will be babysitting the bots. btw which method do u find is the best moneymaker? the reason for using donor acc is to make it more ''legit'' looking but that might just be my point of view
  13. question bout dawntained

    so im bout to get vip but was just wondering can any one whos been botting on dawntained tell me on average how long your account survived/what u were botting. got a few high donator accounts i was thinking to bot on is it worth the risk or is the ban rate really high?