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  1. SoulPlay Negative time

    Ye, I just realized my computer starts with an hour and sometimes goes to another one automatically. MB.
  2. SoulPlay Negative time

    Sometimes my scripts would stop and time would go negative. I tried to debug this for hours but finally gave up as it was really hard to replicate. But today I ran pFisher for a few minutes and it happened. Even though this script is open source the code it huge so I didn't really read it, and I also ran the script a few times again and it didn't happen. Is this a known problem?
  3. SoulPlay Incorrect Action ID by GameObject.interact

    502, just like .interact("Steal from");
  4. Hey everyone, I'm trying to write a thieving script. Thing is, when I do .interact(0) or .interact("Steal from") with the stall GameObject the packet sent seems correct in every sense but the Action ID: the API uses 1107 or 502 respectively but the correct one is 900. Am I crazy or something?
  5. SwiftMiner v1.0 Hey this is my first script so bugs are expected. Please report them here. I am not very knowledgeable of SoulPlay or the XoBot's API so this script might not be of the highest quality. Anyway, this are some of the features: Supports mining and banking at two mines: Neitiznot: Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Mithril & Adamant Falador (::mining): Tin, Copper, Coal & Mithril Supports pickaxes on inventory (banks everything but pickaxes) Assumes Edgeville as home (I don't know if this can be changed) Counts ores mined when banking them (not as they are mined) Tries to be human-like Here's a little progress report (updated): Now available on the SDN!
  6. Properly gathering packets

    How can I know if the ID's will change? Stress test? Because the recommendation was to stay away from them, right? Yes, I can do that but I am talking of doing it "by clicks". Reason I am asking this is because there might be API features I am not noticing.
  7. Properly gathering packets

    How can I TP home in SoulSplit w/o using packets?
  8. Properly gathering packets

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I was trying to make my first script for SoulPlay. Thing is, I don't really know how to gather packets. From the examples I've seen using index=1 seems to work, but sometimes after I restart the client some of the packet actions in the script stop working. I assume that I am gathering the information incorrectly. Here's an example: I am trying to bank at Edgeville in a specific bank using this: Packets.sendAction(502, 1515657153, 65, 47, 26972, 1); Because this is what comes from the client: Thing is, sometimes it works but sometimes it does some action near "Max the traveller" (the NPC at the SW of the well in the map in the picture). It usually works but breaks after I close the client and open it again or log out and back in, or even after doing nothing. Am I gathering the information incorrectly?
  9. Blue Dragon (Taverly Dungeon) script

    Which server?
  10. Hi there

    Hello, everyone. I'm a CS student who played on Alora like 1 year ago or so and today decided to Google "alora bot", and got here. It seems to be pretty cool but so far it's for VIPs only so I'll have to wait. Hopefully I'll contribute a lot in the future with cool scripts! See you then!