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  1. Steal rare seeds, sell em.
  2. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    Possible to send me the source code via PM? I'd happily play around with it myself and adapt it to WC, if you don't mind <3
  3. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    Would it be possible to adapt this for WC? Just powerchopping instead of mining
  4. First of all, thanks to Neo, Alex and all others who made their source public, tons of this is used or stolen from some of their scripts. Much love <3. Also thanks to Neo for releasing the teleport wizard widget which can be found here: Script Features Steals seeds from the master farmer at Draynor Village Banks when inventory is full Getting started Start anywhere, the bot will tele home and then Draynor Village. Future features and Known bugs/issues Dying probably breaks the script as it does not handling teleporting back, yet. Select what seeds to bank, drop or ;;empty the others. More locations, Ardy? Suggestions? Issues? Thoughts? Post in the thread. Script is on the SDN, grab it!
  5. Alora Warning if tped to jail/staff home

    Ah, no there's no message for what I've experienced, just a TP to their position and the staff alert goes off
  6. SoulPlay [AIO] pFarming

    Possible to adopt this for alora?
  7. Alora Warning if tped to jail/staff home

    Depends on the rank I believe, "<name> has teleported to you!" but they can also stealth-tele which makes the staff alert go off.
  8. Alora Warning if tped to jail/staff home

    No, alora. Staff has a home they can TP people to when they check afkers/bots/people Check out for an example
  9. The region id for the staff home/jail where they tp people is 11345, would it be possible to add a warning similar to the staff notification if you are tped to that place? Maybe even pause any running scripts automagically so you (hopefully) have time to respond without acting suspicious?
  10. Client for Alora RSPS

    You need to be a VIP for the alora client and then the there's a separate link for it
  11. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    Does not pickup any rune/dragon items and neither does it pickup any runes used for magic. It does alch if you manually pick em up.
  12. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Any progress updating this to support alora? <3
  13. SoulPlay [CANCELLED] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Possible to adapt this for alora?
  14. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    Sadly my java knowledge is not great, I've been dabbling in python before tho. But hey, I managed to do some progress
  15. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    Would love to see support for wildcards and being able to save lists as well <3