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  1. Alora Client stuck on Xobot loading page

    post error logs or delete alora cache
  2. Alora - Stuck on 3D library

    then you didn't delete them properly, delete the aloracache folder under C:\
  3. Alora Secret Fighter

    @Secret What about support for pots such as super sets, anti poison, antidragonfire?
  4. Alora Secret Fighter

    Oh @Secret, one thing that popped into my mind, how about a safespot location? Ie, you can select a few tiles as "safespots" and when you are ranging/mage:ing, the script will make sure to stay at those tiles safespotting monsters.
  5. Eden rsps

    Player count is way below 100, 60 when I last checked, not really worth it tbh unless they've been around for a long time.
  6. Alora Bar smelter 101

    Download from https://uploadfiles.io/py4mc (it's precompiled) Unzip to Documents\XoBot\Scripts\Alora Make sure you are standing somewhere in Edge near the bank, have coal (if applicable) and the ore you want to smelt. Start the script, select your bar, start. Have fun.
  7. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    the smelting script is compiled yes, all you need to do is unzip it in the directory and run it
  8. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    feel free to report any bugs with the smelting script, i only tried iron bars but it should work fine with all bars. I might add support for smithing in the future, I currently have a super basic dart making script for my own grind but I'll look into making it a fully fledged script in the future
  9. Alora Secret Fighter

    Yeah I wasn't downplaying Kumalos script @Secret and as Kum said, friendly competition leads to better scripts
  10. Alora Alora smithing script ?

    sure https://ufile.io/py4mc unzip to Documents\XoBot\Scripts\Alora stand in edgeville near bank, make sure to have ore + coal in bank start script, select bar, have fun.
  11. Alora Secret Fighter

    Pretty similar to @Kumalos fast fighter but otherwise good work
  12. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    Might be issues with the api call but I never had that problem occur. Maybe @Neo can chip in.
  13. NullPointer using Skills.getCurrentLevel

    How are you declaring and initializing eatAt? NullPointerException happens when you are trying to use an object without initializing it
  14. thieving will always get you quickly banned anywhere due to the high botting rate and the high income gain.