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  1. Xobot 2.4 Developement (Progress)

    Any ETA when this will be released?
  2. Dragons script [Dev]

    Nice Also that spider on the page scared the crap out of me
  3. SoulPlay [AIO] pCooker

    yeah seems like they did something, You could add the ::skill area instead
  4. Xobot 2.4 Developement (Progress)

    Looks awesome can't wait
  5. Xobot 2.4 Developement (Progress)

    Nice work can't wait for the Keyboard and mouse listener
  6. SoulPlay pAgility[Wild course only]

    Here you go Download, Place in the scripts folder
  7. SoulPlay rBuy - Shop buyer

    You need to compile it using eclipse and place inside your scripts folder, if you don't want to compile it here is a direct Download just place inside of scripts folder
  8. Botting strategies to avoid bans.

    i babysit my bots and make sure to move my camera all the time, Farming/Green dragons and Barrows have had mods checking every few hours now so you need to watch out for the mods
  9. soulplay Zulrah bot

    Looking good, I'd use Twisted bow if you can afford one as it hits very high since zulrah has a high magic level
  10. How much $$ have you made?

    What you doing to make money? most i can make in a day is 2-3b
  11. soulplay Zulrah bot

    Nicely done, I'll be happy to test if needed
  12. How much $$ have you made?

    This is what i made from 2 days on fresh account
  13. Shop buyer bot

    Posted it so you will see it once it's approved
  14. SoulPlay rBuy - Shop buyer

    First script so expect it to be buggy(If the door is open at the herblore shop you may get stuck if you are inside when it closes) This will buy almost all ingredients in the Herblore shop, I'm planning to make it work with other stores Just compile and place the files inside your script follder Pastebin