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  1. Alora Simple Script Request Thread

    Not sure but if a vote bot is a simple script, it would be amazing.
  2. Alora | 2181 Total | Donator

    Ill pay 6.50 USD right now Edit: F&F
  3. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Also lets all not crash tf out of blowpipes and keep them at a decent price, just be patient and sell them for more.
  4. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Also does this support recoil cause it doesnt pull them out for me? Nevermind doesnt need recoils. Edit: is there any way to turn the staff warning off?
  5. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Upvote the rigour, also moving 1 spot during melee to avoid 30s would be nice
  6. Guides

    As of someone who is interested in learning how to script and to code in general, I would love for a topic on forums for guides on how to code/script!
  7. Alora

    Waiting patiently for this any estimated time?
  8. Alora Pre-release script requests (Alora)

    Vorkath and Zulrah
  9. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    Great script! Could you add curses options though?