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    Ikov and soulplay updated.
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    Needs to be a VIP only section so that only VIP’s know what bots there are.... if Ikov staff wanna know what bots we have available to us make them pay for VIP to see what bots we have access to, sorry it sounds shitty but VIP isn’t that expensive and these freebies can either pay or not bot but making it available for everyone to see is just getting all of us who pay caught and banned . Periodt .
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    Script Features Steals from stalls based on your level Sells the items when your inventory is full Does randoms (implemented in bot) Getting started Start in Edgeville near the thieving stalls Have an empty inventory *Stealing from magic stall
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    Fixed random questions (x2) and added ones we didn't have. New server name field in Context Updated captcha window Other small changes to improve performance
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    Random event items are not dropped or banked by XoBot, so if you are not doing it manually, then they will just build you in your inventory, which is what normally helps the Alora's staff team detect who is an XoBot user. Alora's servers moderators and higher have the ability to check inventories. '
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    Your UID, MAC address, and IP are all now banned, and all the accounts you have played on have now been manually banned. You will have to change your UID, MAC address, IP and Port via the XoBot's UID manager - you can get a different IP/port from here: https://www.socks-proxy.net/ Bot checks are a regular thing done by Alora's staff team, so you will have to unfortunately babysit for the majority of the time you are botting - most especially while botting the Thieving skill. Tip: Do not keep random event items placed in your inventory.
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    Soulplay & dawntained updated, plus many other API bug fixes. Change uid for dawntained now works properly for all their uids (if you get uid/mac banned go to settings generate random mac address -> click apply then go to menu edit -> change uid) Report bugs below if you encounter any
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    Stuff left: Foods Potions Tools Prayers Home teleport Group gateston teleport Higher floors Higher floor puzzles/bosses other stuff Don't ask for eta I'm only working on this when I have some free time it'll come someday. Another (huge) dungeon
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    SoulPlay Fixed Skills #getRealLevel() Skills API structure rework MessageListerer rework MessageEvent added ObjectDefinition added #getName() #getActions() GameObject interactions fixed for all objects (should work for any object use #interact() instead of sending packets) NPCs interactions fixed for all npcs (should work for any object use #interact() instead of sending packets) GameObject #interact(int) removed NPC #interact(int) removed WidgetChilds optimized Widgets#get(group, child) fixed Game#Teleport("location") added Other small fixes Alora Fixed Skills #getRealLevel() Skills API structure rework MessageListerer rework MessageEvent added Fixed npc positioning for all npcs Fixed NPC models (some npcs that take 2 spaces were off) Interaction now utilizes the menu packets (if the menu has 2 same actions the bot will click the correct one corresponding to the entity we want to interact with) Some widgets positioning fixed Tabs API fixed Locatable#isOnScreen added Other small fixes Developer mode - (Use "-dev" to enter this mode) Reloading scripts - added - only for local scripts Reloading applet - added - destroys the applet completely and reloads it Packets logging - added Scripts updated Soulplay pFarming pCooker NeoPrayer NeoGreenDragons pFisher Alex Coal To Balls Alex Stall Thiever Alex Cannon Balls Alex Power Miner Alex Rock Crabs Alex Power Chopper qAgility NeoTheiver NeoBarrows NeoSmither WarriorsGuild NeoMiner bWoodcutter NeoRuneCrafter SlotMachine pAgility pSmithing NeoPestControl VIP NeoZulrah NeoDagKiller VIP NeoBarrows NeoBarrelChest NeoArmadyl NeoZamorak pAlchCurse qSlayerskipper qWizardStore bFletcher TaiBwo bWoodcutter VIP qFrostdragons VIP qAgility Kumalo's Fast Fighter Alora NeoThiever qFisher qBarrows VIP NeoZulrah qRunecrafter pAgility NeoFaladorMiner NeoPotionDecanter NeoPestControl NeoCerberus VIP NeoKraken bFletcher qherblore bwoodcutter Scripts added(New) VIP pMahogany (by @pepsip77) PFisher OakLarder qIronBuyer Currently outdated scripts (should be updated shortly) log buyer Alora Cooker ToxicHerb pAgiltiy (Alora) Grid miner (Alora) Kumalo's Fast Fighter (Alora) *rest of the scripts are completely removed from the SDN Special thanks to all of our script writers and script contributors for making this update possible! If you encounter any bugs or need help with them please report them hereIf you have any suggestions for the bot please post them here Download the new version (2.8) by clicking here
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    Core Features: - Fights any combination of Npcs optional fight delay - good for npcs that have a 100% drop rate that you'd want to wait for loot to appear - Loots anything stackable support tries to make room if needed loot radius from player's current position only loots when not interacting - Safespotting support tile based selection - Eat at any hp eats anything that contains 'Eat' option - Prayers Prayer renewals support (also prayer + super restores) If you use renewals make sure you start script above 15 prayer - Potion support support super sets along with range + mage pot - Teleports to prevent death GUI know-hows: - All settings (except safespots) should save and load. If not then let me know. - the middle shifter adds all loaded npcs to your list, if you want to just add one then double click it. - Similarly, the clear selection button clears all npcs, if you want to delete one then double click it - To add another entry just click the last row and hit shift. To delete one, just click it and hit delete button Report any bugs with the script (gui too) on this thread, and be thorough about it please. Get the script on the SDN! Source: https://github.com/JSVillavu/FastFighter Media:
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    Ikov has been fixed. If you had previously bought VIP and did not get to use it due to it being down (between oct 12 - nov 12) you'll be eligible for a free 30 days VIP, contact @Quintana in order to get your subscription. Download new jar by clicking the download button
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    bJad | Kills Jad | Ranged / Mage| Ikov Enjoy this script Features: - Gets you a fire cape or a Tokhaar cape - Drinks super restores (No need for food) (Use pots not flasks) - Using ranged / magic combat styles - Click the paint to (un)hide it How to get started: - Have plenty of arrows/bolts/runes - Have plenty of super restores in your bank - If you choose to get a tokhaar cape, have a fire cape in your bank. - Start script near the bank / cave entrance at the fight caves. The script: Get it in the SDN! Proggys: None yet. Changelog: 1.0 - Initial release Please report bugs / give feedback. If you enjoy the script please "like" this post
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    Lots of backend changes to 2.97, with some new scripts added thanks to @Boris & @Jake Make sure you re-download the client and report and possible bugs (there might be some that we couldn't catch during tests) Small Ikov API update
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    I've released Bandos, Saradomin and Firecape. Threads waiting on mod approval
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    ViHunter AIO Made by: Vindey Buying Jars Catch Imps (Only safe area) Progressive (Will catch best Imps depending on your level) Looting Jars I have seen that tons of people have problems running this script from the SDN, if you're one of those people send me a message and i'll help you out! As stated earlier, this script isn't flawless, but i'd say it works 97% of the time. I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT SOMETIMES THE "START" BUTTON DOESN'T WORK, JUST CLICK THE CLOSE BUTTON INSTEAD AND IT SHOULD START RUNNING. MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE MULTIPLE TABS IN BANK. IF THE ITEM THAT THE SCRIPT IS LOOKING FOR IS IN A DIFFERENT TAB THAN THE ONE THAT IS SELECTED, THE SCRIPT WILL STOP. Info Hunter is currently one of the slowest, if not the slowest skill to get to 99 on SoulPlay. Since I didn't find any Hunter scripts in the SDN i thought I'd do it myself. It still takes a few fairly long to get to 99 compared to other skills but atleast you don't have to do it yourself. There's rarely people in the hunter area but I'd still recommend to babysit the bot though. I have 27h played on an account with 99 Hunter and some other things like 50 in all combat skills etc. On top of that a few of those ingame hours have been used to test the features out. So I'd say it would take about ~24h. Hope you enjoy it! Now I'll be going through some of the features. Buying Jars Start at Hunter Areas Bank. If you don't have money in your inventory it will get it for you(money pouch isn't supported). Paint shows how much money it has spend and how many jars it has bought. If there's no more money left it'll spam hit "buy" untill you hit stop. Will try and fix that in the future though. But since you will only need a max of ~5000 jars to get to 99 you can just babysit it or come back after like 20 minutes to check up on it. Catch Imps Only support the Hunter Area (Impling area in the Hunter category) so far. Start at Hunter Areas Bank with Butterfly Net equiped. The Imp Combobox will only show the imps that you are able to catch depending on your level. Select the imp you want to catch and you're set to go! Supports all imps that are available on this server. Has very detailed paint too. Since there are 3 Ninja Imps in the Impling Area and only 2 Dragon/Kingly ones, I'd suggest you to use Ninjas to 99 if you want the quickest XP. Once theres no jars left it will stand still in bank till stopped. Progressive Will start catching best Imp depending on your level. So once your Hunter level is 22 it'll start catching Young Imps, and then when it's 28 it'll start catching Gourmet Imps and so on. (note that this will switch to Dragon Imps after hitting level 83 and since Dragons are slower XP than Ninjas I'd suggest to using the Catch Imps and selecting Ninja Imps and continue till 99. Thought Dragons and Kinglys might be more GP but I'm not sure. Paint is the same as for Catch Imps. Loot Jars If bank is not found near player it will teleport to ::Home and use that bank (which is one of the more safer, since its usually pretty crowded so people will rarely start interacting with you). Select what Impling Jars to loot, and it'll start looting them. Once there's no more jars left it'll stop. If you find any other errors please feel free to comment below or send me a dm with the information. But make sure that you've read all the information i've given you on this post. If you enjoyed this script, please make sure to upvote this post. it would mean a ton to me!
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    Requirements Required herb level to make potion Make sure ingredients are in main tab of bank Will make potions in the order added pm me / reply if you find any bugs or have a potion you would like me to add Script may not be working on SDN, heres the compiled code, put this into your scripts folder https://www.dropbox.com/s/b16kq7evg9e33jz/dHerblore.rar?dl=0
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    If it's free it won't be worth botting for anyone, now it's worth botting for VIPs
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    Could always go back to the ol' days on the phpbb forum and anime wallpaper changer It's fun to look back at what you used to make. I still have all the damn files and cringe at my old code Cringe worthy or not, it was pretty impressive for the day.
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    Script Features (4) and (3) dose Restore potions (4) and (3) dose Ranged potions Food support Prays Rigour Locations: Ice Dungeon (More to come..) + Support for certain areas in the Dungeon's room Banking Looting (Visage and more..) Safe traversing near Strykewyrms Getting started Have lots of restore potions, ranged potions and food in bank Wear lots of arrows/bolts Use Ava's accumulator or similar item Start either at home or at the dragons Location Guide Red = West Green = South East Whole room = West + South East Area Recommended Setup Room location depending on what fits you best If the setup doesn't fit your gear, adjust it and try your way for best setup Credits @Kumalo's teleporter + for allowing me to use his account @xBear's guidance for optimized killing + GUI inspiration Report All bugs to this thread!
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    laying low for awhile just to be on the safe side maybe i leak something new later or this weekend
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    I am a third party concerned for a friend, not involved with Alora. You guys have ruined a friends name. Xobot you have 24 hours to give up, Unkn0wn's information. I will reward you with $300 BTC, or I will take down your website when the time is up. Check your security because you have a vulnerability. Check my online credentials at Hackforums, "GH0ST". Choose wisely 😊
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    it's an enum from pSmithing. you can read more about enums here fields in order: private Tile tile; private int bankId; private boolean bankIsNpc; private int furnanceId; private boolean hasFurnance; private int anvilId; private boolean hasAnvil
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    Soulplay API bug fixes API name change "317" -> "SoulPlay" Alora Models fixed Packets bug fixed Message in messageevent fixed Other API fixes Dawntained - New server added Dawntained will be available for VIP & script writers for now To purchase a VIP membership please head to the store To download the latest version (2.9) click here
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    I think most AiO fighters would be pretty similar, but I believe this has some things in it that aren't yet in Kumalo's version and some additional working features with more on the way. Not to downplay what @Kumalo has done, as he is a great scripter. He has also been great about answering my questions as I have them around how certain aspects of the API work. I think it'll benefit the community once it hits the SDN.
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    This update includes soulplay fix and other API and client updates to get the client ready for the next server (dawntained) which will be added in the next update.
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    Client updates Fixed issues on mac and different operating system where applet doesn't refresh (still need feedback on this since I didn't try it on a mac yet.) Mouse & keyboard listeners fixed for some users that were having an issue with that General applet & input improvements and fixes Mac generations now use a prefix (or you can set it to any mac address you want.) Breaks have been removed for now (might be added later but it seems like it's unnecessary feature) New uid profiles icon & manager ui added - allows you to save the uuid/mac/proxy on profiles that you can simply save and load any time, will help greatly with alora bans as they track the changes in those The new uid changer is only available for alora at the moment might be added to soulplay in future releases New debugs added Mouse debug Menu debug (alora) Object models (alora) NPC models (alora) Minified jars to load xobot quickier Soulplay updates: Updated client to latest version Removed opengl support (read below) Updated new calculations with viewport hooks Minimap hooks added (still needs some api functions will be added next release) Other stuff Alora updates: Added menu hooks Added model hooks Mouse API available for all functions & interactions Option to force the mouse API (edit -> mouse api) - will block all direct packets sent and convert basic interactions to mouse ones Widget explorer now shows a rectangle over the selected widget to help find it quickly Widget scroll hooks & positions added Functions for models drawing, rotating & rendering added Models, widgets & other updates (see this) Notes: There was a ton of stuff changed with this update, there are bound to be some bugs report them here Most soulplay scripts need fixing due to new changes in their game and the API as well as testing therefore soulplay will be available only for VIP members & script writers for the next week. API documentations for both soulplay and alora will be updated with new links Opengl is not supported on soulplay simple because it's pointless - if you feel otherwise and want it added feel free to suggest it in appropriate section Soulplay opengl error Download the client here VIP subscriptions here
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    Fixed an issue with random questions being typed randomly Fixed an issue with skill of the day question Random questions can be updated separately from the client now Adding #isRunning for the script (so you can check if the script is still running for while loops) Added Bank methods withdraw(int id, int amount) deposit(int id, int amount) Added Shop methods sell(int id, int amount) buy(int id, int amount) Added run energy hook Added walking methods isRunOn() getEnergy() toggleRun() isResting() Rest() Added headicon hook for NPC Added Teleports.Teleport(String location) see this Fixed an inventory bug that was preventing the auto login (if you're logged out) Please note the Alora bot is still in beta stage and is available only for VIP users. To purchase a VIP membership please head to the storeIf you're already a VIP member you can download the beta release here
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    ikov needs update. bought vip strictly for ikov
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    There is currently an ongoing development for Roat Pkz, I thought i'd keep you updated.
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    There has been quite alot of discussions lately about Ikov, regarding questions to why it has yet to be updated. We can inform you members that it will still be pushed as of now, due to time consuming analysis of certain anti-bot features that has been encountered in one of their latest update. It is being looked into as we speak, but We're not gonna provide you with an ETA at the moment. We won't make a release until a safe botting environment has been established. For missed out botting time as we call it, we will extend each and all of the VIP member with an additional 1 month subscription upon the day of re-releasing Ikov. So if you are buying VIP mainly for Ikov, I suggest you wait until it is released again. Feel free to PM me suggestions, script fixes or w.e for Soulplay & Alora.
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    Some minor APi/UI/Random updates
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    Old School RuneScape: My Selling Rate: 1M/$0.75 My Buying Rate: 1M/$0.60 RuneScape 3: My Selling Rate: 1M/$0.17 My Buying Rate: 1M/$0.10 Swapping: 1M OSRS Gold = 6M RS3 Gold 8M RS3 Gold = 1M OSRS Gold Discord Tag: AJ1#8026
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    Haha I see someone is getting way too used to p0rnhub
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    Thanks for the re-upload.
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    Fixed ikov proxies, random questions & other stuff. Soulplay action/menu interaction and debugs fixed
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    Here is leak info on Xobot behind closed doors on Alora. I was supposed to post this last night but had issues registering a new account and I dare to post this on my main account. Much obliged - Thy Haxor. R E G U L A R B O T C H E C K S ! Send me pm if you would like any other info from staff!
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    Download it https://xobot.org/community/forum/17-download/, run it, choose server, and login with xobot details
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    I love how we are all right here like right when it updates lol.
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    He tells you how to set it up if you read it.
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    I've updated this script. You can find what's new in the script on page 1. -Dridia
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    2.73 (SoulPlay API update) Bank.getAll (fixed) WidgetChild.getColour (fixed) Ground Item stack (added) Destination x & y (fixed) Sendaction (patched for current scripts - should work again)
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    From a scripters point of view, I can do jack shit with this request. Please elaborate what scripts you would like to see and what they need to do. and where. Just some general information would help.
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    There has been a big update for soulplay which requires us to update the client. I'm currently away from home until monday, so an update should be coming around that time.
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    support runite and donor zone
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    u can make a menu with option that we can disable bone looting, then make everytime it loot (defenders), it goes out and talk to lady, the back killin cyclops
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    It'll eat when you're below 60
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    UID changer (allows you to run more than 4 accounts at once) Limit for free users (2 bots for free users/unlimited for VIP) Anti-mod random added (you'll get notification on windows when a mod appears next to you!) Pin coded in (The bot will auto enter the pin if you have one entered in the account manager and selected in the script selector!) Pause/resume script buttons added Packet listener added Path methods isReady() getEnd() getNextTile() step() Player class getTeam() getHeadIcon() getEquipment() Widget class getColor() Lots of other stuff updated that aren't mentioned API documentation is up to date here The next update (2.6) will include the alora release which is to be expected in 1-2 weeks If you encounter any bugs or need help with them please report them here If you have any suggestions for the bot please post them here New moderator joined the team, @Kumalo, congratulations! Xobot 2.4* is officially outdated and you will no longer be able to run