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  1. Today
  2. Alora client error

    nvm fixed directory: %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem missing from variable PATH under system variables
  3. Alora client error

    Hi i get error message for alora xobot Xobot ver. 2.92 cmd log attempts: 1. have tried resize alora window in original client to fixed
  4. Xobot 2.92

    Hasn't been fixed yet
  5. Xobot 2.92

    okay has this been fixed yet and do i need to download new version or what?
  6. Yesterday
  7. Working on a SS3 updater

    I'll try to find it
  8. Working on a SS3 updater

    I know it is kinda gravedigging but im realy intrested in this, I worked on a few updaters myself. Do oyu have the source code somewhere @Jake?
  9. Projectile Destination

    yes exacly, what is the best way of using reflection to get a field in the I.E. Projectiles class of soulplay?
  10. Projectile Destination

    the current x and y? only with reflection
  11. Xobot 2.92

    Yes, soulplay has been updated and xobot needs a new update accordingly. Thank you
  12. Last week
  13. Bug

    Pull up regular client for whatever server and switch back to the fixed screen size. Hop back over to Xobot and you should be good to go EDIT: Word
  14. That was great while it lasted fellas. Soulplay is down again
  15. Xobot 2.92

    Soulplay has been updated and its down.. again.
  16. Projectile Destination

    Is there a way to get the destination of projectiles? with destination i dont mean the player wich it is send to but like the tile destination. there are some projectiles ingame that are dropped randomly, i would like to dodge them.
  17. Bug

    I made full screen and now my client dosen't loade help please!!!!
  18. Xobot 2.92

    Soulplay updated
  19. Soulplay has been updated

    Xobot updated
  20. Xobot 2.92

    Soulplay update please
  21. Soulplay problem

    im just saying when we cant use the scripts thats money were losing for nothing because no one has even said anything yet idt
  22. Soulplay problem

    you cant prove it . @neo i guess be fair and refund some days
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