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  3. SoulPlay nonGemCutter

    Download the compiled and put it into your scripts ?
  4. SoulPlay nonGemCutter

    can this go in sdn maybe so i can add to game? thank you
  5. SoulPlay nonGemCutter

    how do you get this to go into your soulplay scripts? thank you
  6. SoulPlay Alex Power Miner (Only for XP)

    works 7/18/19 mithril for meteors
  7. Last week
  8. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    Protect from melee, range potions, super restores, prayer renewals are all not working for me. If I try any protection prayer, the script will do nothing. I activate "Use boosters" nothing happens with range potion or flask. I'm on Ikov. Maybe I'm doing something wrong? My hitpoints and prayer are both full, I have food, I'm not sure why this is happening. Also, the issue above with the loot IDs not saving.
  9. SoulPlay qIronBuyer

    Yeah, i noticed that it banks my outfit for some reason. But just have all gold in your money pouch and the script will still run.
  10. SoulPlay NeoPrayer

    Script takes bones from the bank and walks near the altar, but gets stuck after that. Needs to be updated.
  11. Multiple servers Jake's Fast Fighter

    When i try to load my old Figther configs, GUI freezes and must be aborted by pressing red ''X'' top rigth corner and also it doesnt seem to load my Loot list. You can still use the script, you just need to add all the item ID's again and set all settings by hand before using it.
  12. Zenyte OSRS

  13. Zenyte OSRS

  14. SoulPlay Jatix Shop Buyer

    doesnt work, stand there in front wont buy edit ::skill location works can u add guams please?
  15. Zenyte OSRS

    are you guys doing this? Great server man
  16. SoulPlay qIronBuyer

    after buying ores it banks everything, including coins, returns to buy more but there are no coins to buy the ore
  17. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    Isn't it very likely bannable, like its not like a screen recorder, why not just use that? this is propably more stable to use, but has higher ban rate id guess.
  18. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    You have to download the xobot client and get VIP subscription to use ikov and for the script add it from the sdn
  19. Ikov qAgility (Ikov)

    Where can i download.
  20. Hey if i have 3 clients logged in, and try to open fourth and login it says: login limit exeeded, and the thing where u search for random.dat and edit it to search only doesn't work, does anyone know how to bypass this? i would be really happy, thank you
  21. VIP

    You are charged just once since you are paying through Paypal. For any further renewals, you have to do it manually every payment date.
  22. VIP

  23. VIP

  24. SoulPlay Black screen

    Thank you very much
  25. near reality v13

    thing with this server, you can legally trade "d pins" or donator pins for 07 with staff as mm without getting banned. so thats free 07 for everyone if we have bots Support +
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