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  2. Auto shooting star mining

    Thought of this before, but i guess the staff will know of it pretty soon after release and the bans will come in
  3. Ikov account pin

  4. Ikov qMiner

    Script features Ores supported: Copper, Tin, Iron, Coal, Mithril, Adamant Banking Powermining Getting started -Start at home with a pickaxe wielded/in inventory/toolbelt Added to SDN. Post bugs/errors to thread
  5. SoulPlay NeoRunecrafter

    And Astrals!
  6. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    nevermind its fixed now
  7. AHK for OSRS/Alora

    Intrested pm me
  8. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah (1.51 Updated)

    bot seems to be bugging out a bit for me. itll stand on the opposite end o the map from zulrah and then keep running back and forth in order to attack zulrah
  9. Today
  10. Alora Alora leak v2

    Hey man how much for dynasty clan ips and mod discussions on pvp clans? Free?
  11. Auto shooting star mining

    Soulplay sir
  12. Auto shooting star mining

    He tagged SoulPlay
  13. Auto shooting star mining

    What server?
  14. Soulplay Zulrah Bot Bug

    This^, if you're using range then you should consider switching it's a way better kills/hr
  15. Payment

    Sadly we only accept paypal or rsgp @Ahmad789
  16. Auto shooting star mining

    A script, which when a shooting star appears: * Stores everything in bank * Takes pickaxes * Mines the shooting star This is handy if you are afk selling stuff @ market. Thanks in advance
  17. Ikov PSteelBodies

    Dont think this needs to be update anymore, since the new update that steel platebodys van be bought from armor store for only 10k Thnx for the script @peanutsofar
  18. Xobot 2.96

    Thank you for active updates.
  19. Payment

    I would advise on starting to use paypal,its very easy/fast to use all around the world. And another thing,paypal should let you pay as a guest to.
  20. Ikov account pin

    No, but I can crack it.
  21. Soulplay Zulrah Bot Bug

    The reason the bot doesn't deposit death runes is because of the mage select option where you have the option to use blood barrage or ice barrage which both of use death runes.
  22. Soulplay Zulrah Bot Bug

    For future, this section is meant for client related bugs. Usually you would want to report the script bugs on the thread for the script. I'll let Quintana know tho thanks.
  23. Soulplay Zulrah Bot Bug

    The zulrah bot does not properly deposit death runes you obtain as a drop from zulrah
  24. •SOULPLAY• Herb Cleaning script

    yes i had this done sometime ago i thought it was already here but i cant find it i will send it later also i sent you a private msg
  25. Xobot 2.96

  26. Multiple servers VIP qAgility - Supports all courses

    Script updated: - Fixed the stepping stone failure
  27. SoulPlay qMageBankThiever

    Script updated
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