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Found 86 results

  1. SP acc for sale no prestige

    Ca. 2k total level, 1b value bank, full elite void, d defender, torso, tons of dung items etc. PM on discord - Orlando Bloom#2485 I am the original owner.
  2. Soulplay Dung Floor 3

    The Devs of Soulplay RSPS removed the one kind of fish that the bot tries to buy before starting he Dung run. So he keeps clicking on the fish over and over again. Hard to explain with my english skills. Just try it out and you will see. Just change the kind of food that he bot needs to buy to another one. I would really like to use the Soulplay Dung bot but its broken right now for the floor 3, like i said.
  3. SoulPlay Negative time

    Sometimes my scripts would stop and time would go negative. I tried to debug this for hours but finally gave up as it was really hard to replicate. But today I ran pFisher for a few minutes and it happened. Even though this script is open source the code it huge so I didn't really read it, and I also ran the script a few times again and it didn't happen. Is this a known problem?
  4. SoulPlay Proxy help???

    Just starting to use the bot... can anyone tell me how to change Proxy in simple terms? I see there's a way to in the menu but don't know if I'm doing it properly. Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, I'm trying to write a thieving script. Thing is, when I do .interact(0) or .interact("Steal from") with the stall GameObject the packet sent seems correct in every sense but the Action ID: the API uses 1107 or 502 respectively but the correct one is 900. Am I crazy or something?
  6. SoulPlay Cant be resolved

    Why can't import xobot.* be resolved? literally nothing can be resolved and it ruins the compilation. any suggestions?
  7. SwiftMiner v1.0 Hey this is my first script so bugs are expected. Please report them here. I am not very knowledgeable of SoulPlay or the XoBot's API so this script might not be of the highest quality. Anyway, this are some of the features: Supports mining and banking at two mines: Neitiznot: Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Mithril & Adamant Falador (::mining): Tin, Copper, Coal & Mithril Supports pickaxes on inventory (banks everything but pickaxes) Assumes Edgeville as home (I don't know if this can be changed) Counts ores mined when banking them (not as they are mined) Tries to be human-like Here's a little progress report (updated): Now available on the SDN!
  8. PID

    Make the option players in the client also show your own PID. It is usefull for staking.
  9. Properly gathering packets

    Hey everyone. Yesterday I was trying to make my first script for SoulPlay. Thing is, I don't really know how to gather packets. From the examples I've seen using index=1 seems to work, but sometimes after I restart the client some of the packet actions in the script stop working. I assume that I am gathering the information incorrectly. Here's an example: I am trying to bank at Edgeville in a specific bank using this: Packets.sendAction(502, 1515657153, 65, 47, 26972, 1); Because this is what comes from the client: Thing is, sometimes it works but sometimes it does some action near "Max the traveller" (the NPC at the SW of the well in the map in the picture). It usually works but breaks after I close the client and open it again or log out and back in, or even after doing nothing. Am I gathering the information incorrectly?
  10. Buys gems at donator zone, start with cash in inventory Source code: https://pastebin.com/yrL3AG8M
  11. Decants potions (4) -> (3) for herbole Supports all the potions in shop (super attack, Super Strength, Super Defence, Ranging, Magic & Saradomin bew) Source code: https://pastebin.com/LxsXxQ92
  12. Credits to @Neo for base. I just changed/added bits to comply with donator zone. Start in ::DZ mining area weilding pickaxe. import java.awt.Color; import java.awt.Dimension; import java.awt.FlowLayout; import java.awt.Font; import java.awt.Graphics; import java.awt.Graphics2D; import java.awt.Image; import java.awt.event.ActionEvent; import java.awt.event.ActionListener; import java.io.IOException; import java.net.URL; import javax.imageio.ImageIO; import javax.swing.JButton; import javax.swing.JComboBox; import javax.swing.JDialog; import xobot.client.callback.listeners.PaintListener; import xobot.script.ActiveScript; import xobot.script.Manifest; import xobot.script.methods.Bank; import xobot.script.methods.GameObjects; import xobot.script.methods.Packets; import xobot.script.methods.Players; import xobot.script.methods.Walking; import xobot.script.methods.tabs.Inventory; import xobot.script.util.Filter; import xobot.script.util.Time; import xobot.script.util.Timer; import xobot.script.wrappers.Tile; import xobot.script.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @Manifest(authors = { "Neo" }, name = "NeoMiner Donator Version") public class nMinerDonor extends ActiveScript implements PaintListener{ public Timer t = null; int mined = 0; int id1 = 0; int id2 = 0; int ore; String oretype = "Loading.."; String status = "Loading..."; public boolean onStart() { t = new Timer(System.currentTimeMillis()); JDialog frame = new JDialog(); frame.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(250,90)); frame.setLocationRelativeTo(null); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JDialog.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE); FlowLayout layout = new FlowLayout(); layout.setHgap(5); layout.setVgap(5); frame.setLayout(layout); JComboBox<String> combo = new JComboBox<String>(); combo.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(150,30)); combo.setFocusable(false); combo.addItem("Iron"); combo.addItem("Coal"); combo.addItem("Mithril"); combo.addItem("Adamant"); combo.addItem("Rune"); JButton button = new JButton("Start"); button.setFocusable(false); button.setPreferredSize(new Dimension(60,32)); button.addActionListener(new ActionListener() { @Override public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent arg0) { oretype = (String)combo.getSelectedItem(); switch(oretype) { case "Iron": id1 = 2092; id2 = 2092; break; case "Coal": id1 = 2096; id2 = 2097; break; case "Mithril": id1 = 2102; id2 = 2102; break; case "Adamant": id1 = 2105; id2 = 2105; break; case "Rune": id1 = 2107; id2 = 2107; break; } frame.dispose(); } }); frame.add(combo); frame.add(button); frame.setTitle("XoBot - NeoMiner (Donor Version)"); frame.pack(); frame.setVisible(true); while(frame.isVisible()) { Time.sleep(500); } return id1 != 0 && id2 != 0; } public void interact() { Tile t = new Tile(2539, 3891); Walking.walkTo(t); Time.sleep(1000); Packets.sendAction(225, 211, 0, 0, 3044, 1); Time.sleep(2000); if (Bank.isOpen()) { Bank.depositAll(); } } @Override public int loop() { GameObject o = GameObjects.getNearest(26972); if(Inventory.isFull()) { if(o != null) { status = "Banking.."; if(Bank.isOpen()) { Bank.depositAll(); mined+=28; return 1000; }else { o.interact(4); return 2000; } }else { status = "Walking to bank."; interact(); return 5000; } }else { if(Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() == 6746 || Players.getMyPlayer().getAnimation() == 12188) { status = "Mining.."; return 1000; } GameObject oo = GameObjects.getNearest(new Filter<GameObject>() { @Override public boolean accept(GameObject o) { if(o.getId() == id1 || o.getId() == id2) { return o.uid != ore; } return false; } }); if(oo != null) { if(Players.getMyPlayer().getLocation().getY() > 3883) { status = "Mining.."; ore = oo.uid; oo.interact("mine"); return 2000; } }else { if(o != null) { status = "Banking.."; interact(); } } } return 1000; } private Image getImage(String url) { try { return ImageIO.read(new URL(url)); } catch(IOException e) { return null; } } private final Color color1 = new Color(0, 0, 0); private final Font font1 = new Font("Arial", 0, 17); private final Font font2 = new Font("Arial", 2, 17); private final Image img1 = getImage("http://i.imgur.com/wPwcFdz.png"); @Override public void repaint(Graphics render) { int ph = (int) ((mined) * 3600000D / (t.getElapsed())); Graphics2D g = (Graphics2D)render; g.drawImage(img1, 1, 224, null); g.setFont(font1); g.setColor(color1); g.drawString("Time: " + t.toElapsedString(), 16, 272); g.drawString("Ores: " + mined, 16, 297); g.drawString("Ores(h) " + ph, 135, 298); g.drawString("Mining: " + oretype, 135, 271); g.setFont(font2); g.drawString("Status: " + status, 50, 320); } } https://github.com/av0ided/XoBot-Scripts/tree/master/bin
  13. Im just curious so see how long you guys can get your bot to run without getting jailed post times
  14. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    darkelliot's BarbarianAgility The script will do the barbarian agility course with around 80 rounds per hour. To do before running: Make sure you're in the front or end tile of any obstacle on the course, or completely outside the course like at ::home. Progress: Enjoy!
  15. SoulPlay Klaus' Green Dragons

    Note: This script will be VIP only! What does it do? Fights Green and Baby black dragons Loots Dragon and Baby dragon bones, Gold (GP), Eggs, Clue Scrolls, Tooth Half Key, Charms, Golden Chest Uses Turmoil (prayer) very efficiently (only activates while fighting/in combat) Uses Soul Split to heal, very efficiently (only activates while in combat and only when your health is below 80%) Withdraws only 1 super restore potion (often doesn't drink even 1 dose since it gets a full inventory so fast) Uses Super Attack & Strength potions Food can be used instead of Soul Split (if you don't have it available), it can use Sharks or Rocktails It will try and only fight Green dragons, a planned feature to make it run away from Baby dragons is in progress Prays at altar to restore prayer points when it goes home to bank, for even more prayer efficiency It attacks a new target instantly after killing, loots anything after it gets that target then re-attacks it Tries to go for Green dragons, if none are available it will target a Baby black dragon There are a few buggy spots where you can get stuck in the dungeon, this script will resolve this by moving to an appropriate neighboring tile Testing so far So far testing has proven to get me a full inventory in a third (3 times faster) the time Neo's takes (no offense intended). All bugs I came across in @Neo's Green Dragons script, have been fixed. It is also optimized to make it smoother and work more efficiently. Images Credits @Neo Neo very kindly sent me the source to his Green Dragons script after I asked, I didn't use any of his code but just used it to learn from. @pepsip77 I used his Skill & Inventory listeners, I hope he doesn't mind. @RarFighting99 Me, I did the rest of the code.
  16. SoulPlay Klaus' Fisher & Cooker

    Note: This is a VIP-only script, get it from the SDN! Images Options Manual - Only fish the fish of your choice Power Level - Fish and cook the best fish depending on your fishing & cooking levels Style: Just Fish - Just fish & ignore cooking Fish & Cook - Self-explanatory Instructions Make sure you have the tool & bait OR the GP in your inventory or bank to buy the tool & 200 bait JUST_FISH It will try to find the tool in your inventory or bank, if it can't find then it will buy the tool from the shop It will try to find the bait in your inventory or bank, if it can't find then it will buy 200x of the bait from the shop It will fish and bank the raw fish FISH_AND_COOK It will try to find the tool in your inventory or bank, if it can't find then it will buy the tool from the shop It will try to find the bait in your inventory or bank, if it can't find then it will buy 200x of the bait from the shop It will fish, cook, then drop burnt fish and bank the cooked fish JUST_COOK (Note: Only Shrimp, Lobsters, and Swordfish can be bought from the shop) It will find the raw fish in your inventory or bank, if it can't find then it will buy the raw fish from the shop It will fish, cook, then drop burnt fish and bank the cooked fish Credits @pepsip77 - I used his Skill & Inventory listener, I hope he doesn't mind, I wanted to ask permission but he's not on the Discord and I really dislike PMing @RarFighting99 - Me, I did the entirety of the rest of the code
  17. vote botting

    Is there any good ways to vote bot on Soulplay i used Tor Browser and everytime i've had to do the "I am not a robot" it says something about a connection and doesn't let me vote so just wonder what other methods or VPN i can try.
  18. looking for someone to make me a script in exchange for soul-play gp message me if interested
  19. Alright so iv seen alot of people asking about how to stay safe and so far the best method iv found to botting in mass. firstly if you don't have a proxy that's fine but works best if you do, now you want to have 1 main account that you use for selling and i trade all the loot to them. Never bot on the same ip as your main or you will get jailed and be R.I.P. with your bot if they get caught all bots are ip banned. Using A Proxy. with a proxy you have the ability to constantly sell without worry while you bot. i'm not promoting but this proxy but i find virmach works best for me is, just google it and look for make sure you get a private proxy from there service list, if you need more don't upgrade just deploy a new proxy. now if you're running more two or more bots on 2 IP avoid using the ones on different IP on the same bot you're more likely to get banned on both that way. Not Using A Proxy. just don't run bots at the same time as your main but you can log into you main to trade to them just log out when you're done you don't want to get jailed on your main.
  20. SoulPlay KUIDSwitcher

    Features: Changes your UUID or whatever its called so you dont have to change your windows installation date. Usage: Run script Update: on sdn now
  21. Banned [Need Help]

    Hi Guys, I was using a a script on SoulPlay and got fell asleep after running it ( had a long day lol ). Usually I check the bot whilst doing stuff for work etc. Now I got banned, my own fault indeed, but; Is there a way to know what kind of ban I got? Is there a way to work around that ban? At the moment I can't log in, it says the account has been disabled, even any other accounts I had were banned. Creating a new one doesn't work, just says account has been disabled. I think I tried spoofing my MAC-adress, cmd ipconfig /all showed me it changed. I think I changed my IP-adress too, using SoftEther VPN Public VPN Relay Servers and HotspotShield. I'm not sure what the exact ban is and if there's a work around for it. I'd love any help if possible. - Testing
  22. Dridia's Glacor Hunter Dridia's Glacor Hunter is a AIO Glacor Killer. You can make a list of items you'd like to add, choose what type of food you want to eat. You also got the possibility to choose how many Prayer Pots, Super Attack, Super Strength and Super Defence potions you'd like to bring with you each trip. Choose at what hp you'd like to eat, when to re-pot, including restoring prayer. Feel free to give me ideas on future update or if you encounter any bugs. _________________________________________________________________________________ To do before running: You'll have to have the pots and food at the infinity-tab in order for the bot to withdraw the items. (Or make sure that the correct tab has been selected) Equip your character with decent gear. I would ATLEAST recommend this: _________________________________________________________________________________ Update log: Version 1.0: Initial release _________________________________________________________________________________ Source: Source: https://github.com/Dridia1/XoBot/tree/master/SoulPlay/Combat/Dridia-s Glacor Killer
  23. SoulPlay qWizardStore

    Features Effectively buys packages of items from the Wizard Shop in EdgeVille Uploaded to SDN. Report all bugs to this thread
  24. SoulPlay qSlayerSkipper

    Features Supports all Slayer Masters. Effectively skips to the slayer task of your choice Uploaded to SDN. Report all bugs to this thread
  25. SoulPlay pAgility+

    Does wilderness agility course Dies Repeats MAKE SURE YOU'RE ON MODERN SPELLBOOK AND DON'T HAVE ANYTHING VALUABLE Code stolen from pAgility by @pepsip77 here: http://xobot.org/community/topic/131-pagilitywild-course-only/ Pretty pictures: Source code: https://pastebin.com/76Vm12iL Compiled download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8kp5a86ac5xjpj5/WildyCourse.class http://www.mediafire.com/file/1yhgicu70fyci2z/WildyCourse%24Obstacle.class Download both of those ^ and put in your xobot/scripts folder Enjoy & post proggies. On SDN soon.