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  1. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Are you running V0.1 or V0.2? V0.1 only runs the wilderness course. You would need to compile and run V0.2 as a local script.
  2. Alora bot

    My bad, misread the conversation & jumped the gun when I read the thread title.
  3. Alora bot

  4. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Version 0.2 was never updated in the SDN. Compile the raw code provided in the OP, and run it again.
  5. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    I'm working on the other courses as we speak.
  6. Xobot 2.52 beta (Alora)

    Damn, awesome update. That was quick.
  7. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    It looks like it's on there now!
  8. Adding your script to the SDN

    Script name: pAgility Script version: 0.1 Script description: pAgility for Alora. Link to your topic: Source code: https://pastebin.com/raw/8Y6xchDX
  9. BEFORE I GET TO THE SCRIPT. I'D LIKE TO GIVE CREDIT TO @pepsip77 FOR RELEASING HIS WILDERNESS AGILITY COURSE BOT OPEN-SOURCED. ALSO SHOUT-OUT TO @Alex FOR HIS FORMATTING THAT I STOLE. THANK YOU. This script was simply converted from the original to operate properly on the server: Alora The script was modified from the original to complete agility courses on the server: Alora Changed made: Version 0.1: Added paint, which includes your Agility XP gained in total while running the script. Added paint, which includes your Agility XP/HR gained while running the script. Added formatting, so the paint will show "Agility XP/HR: 1.3M" instead of "Agility XP/HR: 1300000". Added a string for actions on the specific objects on the course. Removed "sending packets directly", and replaced that command with a nice "obstacle interact" command. (IDK, I think it looks cleaner.) (I know, so much work T_T) kappa Version 0.2: Added a simple, yet effective GUI. (Thanks to @Neo it was ripped from the AIO Miner.) Added the Gnome Agility course to the script. Added the Barbarian Agility course to the script. Cheers to the development team. Making my pointless grind a lot more enjoyable lol. Script link (Version 0.1): Here Script link (Version 0.2): Here Original script topic: Here Alex's Rock Crabs: Here <- If you're trying to get into programming bots for XoBot, I highly suggest you check out the source code for these two scripts! You will learn quite a lot! Upcoming changes: Version 0.3: Add the Seer's Village Agility course. Add the Ardougne Agility course. Version 0.4+: Cast high alchemy while running courses? Drop some suggestions for what you would like to see below! ENJOY! But please, don't be that guy that doesn't baby sit their bot and question why they got banned on this topic. Just check up from time to time, and you'll be golden.
  10. Atlas #163.3

    Support! Just checked this server out. Still very new, but looks like the development is going great.
  11. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    It was actually because I only had range potion (4)'s left, didn't know it only uses (3) pots. So, I guess the only bug I'm experiencing is it keeps teleporting home when entering Zulrah. @Neo Thank you again.
  12. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Thank you for releasing this bot. It's working great, minus this part. After a Zulrah kill, it will restock, and go back only to teleport home immediately when you enter Zulrah's shrine. It can do this 1-5 times before it will actually fight the boss. EDIT: Not sure why this happened, as I was watching the operation, but it doesn't want to withdraw anything from the bank. I have all the required items, and even if I manually take out for example, a range pot, it will deposit it and continue to just sit there. - Bank screen is open. - Nothing in the inventory. - Staff member is close by, as the alert keeps going off. Can that have something to do with interference? FINAL EDIT: @Cyanic Thank you for clarifying.
  13. Xobot 2.5 beta (Alora Bot)

    Thank you for all the hard work!
  14. Counting forum game

    6 (66) REEEE
  15. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    That area constraint .gif image you posted looks sexy as fuck. Nice work, and thank you for the script. If the API is different, would there be any chance of this script being converted once Alora releases?