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  1. PID

    I know lol, client ahows player ids of other players but not your own character's.
  2. PID

    Make the option players in the client also show your own PID. It is usefull for staking.
  3. Xobot 2.52 beta (Alora)

    Add them through the SDN
  4. SoulPlay VIP NeoArmadyl

    Start the script with range potions, restore potions and sharks in your inventory did you do this?
  5. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    Nice mate!
  6. Barbarian village agility

    It's on SDN @kabistaja
  7. SoulPlay rBarbarianAgility

    darkelliot's BarbarianAgility The script will do the barbarian agility course with around 80 rounds per hour. To do before running: Make sure you're in the front or end tile of any obstacle on the course, or completely outside the course like at ::home. Progress: Enjoy!
  8. Looking for script requests

    Maybe a corporal beast or tormented demon's(for task) script?
  9. Barbarian village agility

    Oh didn't know, special thanks to @Neo for the help and the paint then
  10. Barbarian village agility

    Still testing it, but works decent so far. i did steal @pepsip77 skeleton and @Skattle paint for now.
  11. Barbarian village agility

    I might give it a try tomorrow.
  12. What script to make

    That is also an option. Depends how busy i am with school though.
  13. What script to make

    I added a poll and will update it with other suggestions.
  14. What script to make

    Hello people of xobot. I'm looking for suggestions on what to make a script for. Since i'm not a very experienced programmer and i haven't coded in java for a while i'm looking for something that is easy/moderate difficulty to code. Please post your suggestions below
  15. Xobot 2.5

    Looking good! Anyone else also experiencing random disconnects from soulplay server?