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  1. Alora Warning if tped to jail/staff home

    If you add a region that pop up a notification they will just tele you somewhere else
  2. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    What the hp level requiered I try run it and its think im low hp so will eat all the food
  3. how i enable the console i dont see the toggle for it
  4. Script stop after an action is done, if it home it does tele and stop, if it at mine it will click rock then stop I tried tin/copper at ::mining
  5. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    which pot? it will drink super restore @ 20 or below
  6. settings explorer

  7. settings explorer

    how do you get it to work? doesn't display anything for me i need to gather some setting id thanks
  8. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    its the one from github you can get it there https://github.com/Dridia1/XoBot/tree/master/SoulPlay/Hunter
  9. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Do you have all the classes
  10. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    nothing broke with this script used it multiple time, u are doing something wrong
  11. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Add xobot.jar to your lib edit: take a look here
  12. Guides

  13. Guides

    Got ya to 1m rep!
  14. SoulPlay AlexGemBuyer (Donator zone)

    Wouldn't be hard to compile them using a .bat compiler then Anyway here you go http://www.mediafire.com/file/8wnagb5r8idiasb/AlexGemBuyer.zip