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  1. Too many bots running

    When I type my I'd and pw message appear say too many bots running although there are no bot running can u fix it for me please Neo Thx alot
  2. Xobot 2.5

    When I type my I'd and pw it say too many botting running although I no run anything
  3. Whats safest/best script currently out?

    Sure Zulrah but I don't tried others can make money by low and hard to sell the items that u made by botting
  4. (Your account has been disabled) "fix"

    how much hours u botted before getting BAN?
  5. SoulWar

    Hi when we may have soul war bot for all ?
  6. Soulplay scripts

    Ok thx how can I get soul war script?
  7. Soulplay scripts

    It droned something didn't know the name but it seems something like a ticket...
  8. Soulplay scripts

    What script that can work at soulplay smoothly? I tried the free barrows script but when he finish every round script drobbing the loot loool Some1 tell plz if there a free script can I work