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  1. Xobot 2.5

    Unfortunately i'm both terrible with coding an computers so i'm not too sure how to run the bot from a .bat file. I'll try my best
  2. Xobot 2.5

    My second bot keeps freezing then crashing.
  3. Counting forum game

  4. Soulplay bot down?

    It is working fine for me! Do you have the newest version downloaded?
  5. How to not care about being banned

    Thank you for the clarification.
  6. How to not care about being banned

    I always bot on my side accounts while botting on my main. Is that an issue that I should stop?
  7. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    What's the difference between this VIP one and the free one?
  8. Soul Wars Script

    Such a great idea! if you need any help testing, give me a message!
  9. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    I downloaded the SDN on day of release, and when I click run, nothing happens. I'm not too sure why this would be. I relaunched my bot and refreshed the script page?
  10. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    It's still not working for me for some reason. Same with any combat related scripts?
  11. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    This seems like such a good script, but for some reason, I cannot get to run. Any ideas or help?
  12. The script doesn't work for yews for me? Also, would there be any chance to add magic logs onto this script? There's not one like it out there and this script is great!
  13. Auto-login still disabled?

    I have followed the steps, and yet I am still not being logged back in when I dc
  14. change ip with proxy?

    Did you find out how to do it? I'd love to know how to use this feature too
  15. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    I've been having that problem too! I've been doing floor 2 for a few hours now and i'm not even at 90 yet because of the low exp floor 2 gives out