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  1. Simple crypto mining.

    No referral links here
  2. Xobot 2.5

    Oh. Nice update, we are moving forward.
  3. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Yea mate i have the same problem
  4. Next Server Vote Poll

    @Neo I know read the word {SCRIPTS}
  5. (Your account has been disabled) "fix"

    @mazr It doesnt depend hm time u are botting, it depends what u are botting and is adming checking it.
  6. Next Server Vote Poll

    My personal idea is too finish Alora and release scripts for Alora, then u might think about a server with a good player base.
  7. Bot limit voting

    Hello @neo i wanted to suggest something like these. My opinion is that Not Donators can only run 1Bot at the time. About Donators i would say unlimited but at that point Ban rate will increase very much. So for Vips i suggest 3-4 Bots maximum at the same time.
  8. proxy

    Use proxy4 and proxy5
  9. proxy

  10. Alora

    As i can see it is in a good start all ready. I will by trying to create Private Script for Alora, if it makes good i will try it to get out as soon as possiblee.

    People remember never log in ACCOUNT WITH SAME UID MAC IP. Never RWT jsut by trading
  12. Alora

    Maybe something has updated on developing ?
  13. -insert generic hello-

    Wlcome mate, i can see that you are truly new here, so im advicing you to Start using Network settings for your own safety
  14. glitched

    + Make sure you are not trying to ADD VIP scripts