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  1. overheating

    https://gyazo.com/9657a68c623a61b7bfd6d1eb48d35617 Click the bug icon on the top right, on the bottom of the list it should say "Less CPU". Follow the gif above if you have any trouble
  2. Is it an IP ban or an account ban ??

    All of them, get proxies so every account has different ip. If youre botting soulplay dont have more than 3 accs a ip. For alora, i heard its fine as long aslong as you are doing different actvities. But if one acc gets banned they all will.
  3. Alora qBarrows (Alora)

    amazing script, just found a small issue: Doesn't pray when something like this happens: (The barrows brother goes where he's standing so can't be seen so he doesn't pray) https://gyazo.com/f87f0fadc9a08deb7f9df41dc8bb6b11
  4. Dungeoneering "VIP" script

    Dungeoneering script won't get an update. Soulplay are releasing a new update soon which will change dungeoneering, so there's no point
  5. SoulPlay Klaus' Fisher & Cooker

    Amazing script. Paused the script a few times thas why per/hr rate is quite low
  6. SoulPlay Alex Cannon Balls

    Oh yeah my bad, sorry :/, I'd recommend using neominer for mining coal nd banking. Then using neosmither to make steel bars then alex coal to balls if it doesn't work. I know it's a lot of sciript but it works...
  7. SoulPlay Alex Cannon Balls

    Go dungeoneering instead its better and faster. (Skilling tele-dung)
  8. You need VIP to run unlimited clients, if you aren't you can only run 2 clients. Try restarting your computer it could work
  9. How to not care about being banned

    not an issue as long as you babysit the bots. If one of your bot gets banned all of them will get banned including your main, who probably has all the gold. So you'll lose it all and your main, so thats why its not recommended
  10. SoulPlay VIP NewBarrows

    Uses potions and uses dds specs, and keeps runes
  11. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    Thanks mate, do i need to add the script again to update it?
  12. SoulPlay Neo GreenDragons

    Can you add more drops in? -Loop/tooth half key -Dragon egg as well, it would be really useful thanks, overall amazing script
  13. AIO Auto Fighter For Slayer

    Support this, make sure it collects charms too, for summoning.
  14. New scripts

    Support this as long as its VIP+ only tbh.
  15. some suggestions

    Forum - Have a chat box, this can be really useful for communication such as if a new person joined they can ask for help if needed. Also, just to generally to socialize. - A script writer rank- It will promote people to make new scripts if they can, this rank should have the same benefits as VIP and is permenant as long as they make scripts a few times a month (once/twice a month? dont really know how long a script will take to make) - Forum mod rank? (or something like that) It can be useful to moderate and clean up the forums. Should only be available to trustworthy people. -Having reputation/likes. People can choose to like posts they like which will boost the reputation of the poster. Having high reputation shows he is well-liked and trustworthy -An option to follow a post- We will be notified if someone has replied to that post. -Services section- Underneath the black market people can sell services for a certain rsps or osrs, like having minigame services- MUST BE HAND DONE. Will add more.. General -Having paid scripts (even VIP will need to pay, discount?). These scripts will be individually sold as long as they are amazing, this will help not to crash the prices in a game, and script writers and the staff can make some profit. Scripts like the zulrah one should be paid because imo its quite advanced and you can make lots of money per hour, this will solve crashed prices, compared to the slot machine one low gp/hr and high ban rate. Will add more