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  1. Alora NeoFaladorMiner

    its branddd new
  2. Alora NeoPestControl

    good shit babe
  3. Creating a Private Server

    but why
  4. Kraken

    Stupid easy boss and drops multiple rare items. You have to exit cave and re-enter after every kill but its fairly quick. 1 minute fights. Pray mage and att.
  5. SP acc for sale no prestige

    hm u looking for
  6. SP acc for sale no prestige

    botted on?
  7. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    It opens caskets, but can you code it so it picks up all caskets? I can't find the specific ids for all of em
  8. Alora cerberus

  9. Next Server Vote Poll

    cause poopy customs and there is already a bot for it
  10. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Barb not working. just sits there. Same with Gnome. It worked for wildy course
  11. Kumalo's Fast Figher for Alora

    love u ty
  12. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    Hell of a script GJ!
  13. Alora bot not working

    This fixed it thanks