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  1. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    Yeah, very possible. All it does is project all game objects that are named "Rocks". So for trees you could just filter out anything that doesn't contain the action "Chop down"
  2. Alora Kumalo's Grid Miner

    Powermining only. Might make it bank down the road
  3. XoBot elkoy

  4. Alora bot

    When it gets released for non-vip, make a suggestion if you want to see something specific. Not many scripts are released right now because only vip members / script writers could potentially make and release scripts for it.
  5. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    I think they are 2717, 2720, and 2726. Let me know if you find anymore though
  6. Multiple servers Kumalo's Fast Fighter

    Alora support added. Just to be clear, they are two seperate scripts... and these updates are Alora specific. I will update the soulplay one soon. Additions: - saving / loading presets - combat formula greatly improved - supports both restores and prayer potions - You can now delete form entries by selecting them and hitting the delete key - The loot table for the alora one is fixed, so as you add items you don't need to press enter (i forgot to make it terminate edit on focus lost on the other fighter...) - should open all caskets, and there is nothing hard coded in for looting if the script teleports home and you can't figure out why, run xobot through a terminal and it should print the reason for termination. Get it on the SDN, and post any bugs, feedback, and suggestions here
  7. Kumalo's Fast Figher for Alora

  8. You didn't block run energy... you gonna get banned 😂 This looks good, nice job
  9. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    I might add the wild card support at a later date... changing the font color and implementing list saving / loading would be a perfect learning opportunity for you
  10. Properly gathering packets

    I am not sure why you tried to use packets, and now want to avoid using packets... I guess you could do KeyBoard.typeWord("::home", true)
  11. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    Had some fun with this, regardless if it gets used much. Ended up adding two filtering modes (show only -> show only items in the list, and filter out -> show all items EXCEPT the ones that are in the list... might be useful for filtering out common drops?). Type the item name in the text field (must be spelled how it is ingame) and hit enter to add it to the list Delete items in the list by selecting them and hitting the delete key compiled: https://ufile.io/33itm java files (for anyone interested): https://ufile.io/hsal9 Enjoy
  12. Intro Hey there.

    Pm me your discord and I will send you an invite if you still need one
  13. Properly gathering packets

    it breaks because the object uid changed. for object interaction cmd1 should be the object uid, cmd2 is x, and cmd3 is y if you want to send raw packets on an object then you need to reference it ~ Packets.sendAction(502, object.uid, object.getX(), object.getY(), 26972, 1) or just use the .interact() wrapper
  14. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    yeah I can add name filtering tomorrow, about to leave my house rightnow
  15. Alora Item overlay (alora)

    I already said it was possible man... try this out https://ufile.io/jq6nf