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  1. Alora qFisher (Alora)

    Can we get Manta ray and anglerfish support?
  2. Alora fThiever, Pickpockets Master Farmers for seeds

    Love the script
  3. SpawnPK

    I think dawntained should be first.
  4. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Nothing works, no gui options or settings just sits there.
  5. Alora NeoPestControl

    Great work <3
  6. Alora NeoFaladorMiner

    Great script, any ban rate on this?
  7. Xobot 2.6 & Alora public release

    Great work but the bot doesn't fully load and can't log in now? Any fix to it?
  8. cant login?

    I can't log in either whats going on?
  9. SoulPlay NeoBarrows

    From what the thread has said. I just ran for 7 hrs worked great.
  10. Alora bot

    I suggest making it non-vip to have more beta and bug testers
  11. SP acc for sale no prestige

  12. SoulPlay pFisher

    Great script <3
  13. SoulPlay Alex Power Chopper (XP)

    Something is wrong with this bot, nothing is working.
  14. SoulPlay Dridia's Glacor Hunter

    Great script thanks.
  15. SoulPlay NeoDungeoneering

    Great script thanks.