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  1. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    thank you, i got it to work, i added all the imps. im gonna try to do the same with glacor hunter except make it turmoil instead of piety
  2. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    No, i don't have walkingMethods.java, could you give me your source possibly? looks like your getting no errors. what version do you suggest? i'm using the one that comes with oxygen.
  3. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    it already is in there bro, im getting errors like, "ActiveScript, and actionlistener cannot be resolved to a type"
  4. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    it's because he uploaded his new source, and when you download the new one it doesn't work because it needs files that he doesn't give except in the compiled version.
  5. SoulPlay [Pre-release] Dridia's Auto Hunter

    Could you reupload the source so we can add more imps? It's such a good script, with the current source it says i have things missing.
  6. SoulPlay Cant be resolved

    for example
  7. SoulPlay Cant be resolved

    Why can't import xobot.* be resolved? literally nothing can be resolved and it ruins the compilation. any suggestions?
  8. Can't Rightclick on XOBOT

    gives me a new error now, i hate to say it..
  9. Can't Rightclick on XOBOT

    thank you <3
  10. Blue Dragon (Taverly Dungeon) script

  11. Can't Rightclick on XOBOT

    i thought it was an account related issue, so i made a new account.
  12. Can't Rightclick on XOBOT

    i got you, so when i use It works perfectly fine up until i click file -> run script, nothing pops up and i get this error message in the cmd