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  1. SoulPlay VIP NeoZulrah

    You can buy from the wizard just try talking to him
  2. Did you change anything in the compatibility settings for java?
  3. Alora pAgility - Alora [GNOME, BARB, WILD]

    Script updated on SDN
  4. Alora NeoKraken

    He posted that before I edited it but yeah it's only range atm
  5. Alora NeoZulrah (Alora)

    Script updated
  6. Alora NeoKraken

    Script Features Range support only atm Kills kraken over and over Uses range pots Uses prayer/restore pots Supports both (3) and (4) potions Uses prayer (Protection & eagle eye) Getting started Wear some range armor Make sure you have enough arrows/bolts 44+ prayer is required (for eagle eye)
  7. Alora NeoCerberus

    Script Features Melee support only atm Kills cerberusover and over Uses strength/attack potions Supports both (3) and (4) potions Uses prayer (Protection & Piety) Getting started Wear some melee armor 70+ hp is required 70+ prayer is required (for piety)
  8. iemand verstand van macbans? of miss zelfs erger?

    It's for spawnpk so there is no client
  9. That basically just runs the latest jar based on the modified/creation date, so just delete all the jars download latest one and run it
  10. Delete your jdk & jre and get this http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/downloads/jre8-downloads-2133155.html
  11. Run it from a .bat file and post the log here java -jar xobot.jar pause
  12. too many bots running bug

    Wait a bit and try again
  13. Delete alora cache or login with normal client and set mode to fixed
  14. cant login?

    Run it from cmd and post log
  15. Use your xobot's login details