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    Fixed an issue with random questions being typed randomly Fixed an issue with skill of the day question Random questions can be updated separately from the client now Adding #isRunning for the script (so you can check if the script is still running for while loops) Added Bank methods withdraw(int id, int amount) deposit(int id, int amount) Added Shop methods sell(int id, int amount) buy(int id, int amount) Added run energy hook Added walking methods isRunOn() getEnergy() toggleRun() isResting() Rest() Added headicon hook for NPC Added Teleports.Teleport(String location) see this Fixed an inventory bug that was preventing the auto login (if you're logged out) Please note the Alora bot is still in beta stage and is available only for VIP users. To purchase a VIP membership please head to the storeIf you're already a VIP member you can download the beta release here
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    u can make a menu with option that we can disable bone looting, then make everytime it loot (defenders), it goes out and talk to lady, the back killin cyclops
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    It'll eat when you're below 60
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    It's been a while since we started working on supporting Alora, we're finally adding it to xobot and it's ready to bot! For the next 2 weeks the Alora bot is going to be available only for the VIPs! Please note the bot is still in beta stage there are still some things left to add (like autologin and input API). Make sure to report any bugs you may encounter here To purchase a VIP membership please head to the store If you're already a VIP member you can download the beta release here
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    Discord server for xobot (discussion, vip & random stuff). Join by clicking the button below
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    I managed to become unbanable so ...
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    Script Features Range support only atm Kills kraken over and over Uses range pots Uses prayer/restore pots Supports both (3) and (4) potions Uses prayer (Protection & eagle eye) Getting started Wear some range armor Make sure you have enough arrows/bolts 44+ prayer is required (for eagle eye)
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    Alora Cooker Features: . Multiple Food Options(Anchovies,Tuna,Lobster,SwordFish,MonkFish,Sharks) . Only Supports Rogues den Add it from the SDN! Please post suggestions and progress pictures!
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    Send it to @Neo he will update it for you
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    Delete alora cache or login with normal client and set mode to fixed
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    Could you make it kill the NPCs for the 30 dmg requirement? My nooby iron man has issues getting the 35 off portals when they die instantly.
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    Script Features Mines specified ore Banks & repeats More locations will be added in future Ores Iron Coal Mithril Adamant Rune Getting started Start in the falador mine with pickaxes in your inventory or wielded (if you're gonna use anything better than rune wield it)
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    I gave up last night. thought id try again this morning. i guess restarting the client fixed it. but anyways runs great!! about 4 hours right going right now
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    Script Features Steals from stalls based on your level Sells the items when your inventory is full Does randoms (implemented in bot) Getting started Start in Edgeville near the thieving stalls Have an empty inventory *Stealing from magic stall
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    The intent of this script was to branch away from miners that limit users to rock selection via ID. Keep the inventory tab open at all times. Get it on the SDN. Features: - Rock selection - Powermining only Setup: Media:
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    Yeah, very possible. All it does is project all game objects that are named "Rocks". So for trees you could just filter out anything that doesn't contain the action "Chop down"
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    I've tried downloading Java SE Runtime Environment 8u161 and 162, but neither work. I'm unsure what to do, can someone link me the proper jre 8 to download?
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    That would defeat the purpose of having VIP privileges. You also have to keep in mind that us Admins are in full time college plus have our regular jobs, which leads to a limit time available for development and updates for the bot.
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    Would be really nice for classics or just regular accounts
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    When it gets released for non-vip, make a suggestion if you want to see something specific. Not many scripts are released right now because only vip members / script writers could potentially make and release scripts for it.
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    My bad, misread the conversation & jumped the gun when I read the thread title.
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    Script Features Eats sharks Banks when you run out of food or inventory is full Goes bank to dungeon Picks up gold, hard clues, golden chest, dragon egg, half keys & bones Repeats? Getting started Have ton of sharks in bank All equipment equipped Start with an empty inventory or 10 sharks
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    Dawntained would be great
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    Not worth it. Plus Runescape acc's are very easily recovered, all they have to do is report it stolen and Jagex will check IP's for consistency.
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    This is not a script or bot related issue. Only way this would happen if you changed the time on your pc while your script is running
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    SwiftMiner v1.0 Hey this is my first script so bugs are expected. Please report them here. I am not very knowledgeable of SoulPlay or the XoBot's API so this script might not be of the highest quality. Anyway, this are some of the features: Supports mining and banking at two mines: Neitiznot: Tin, Copper, Iron, Coal, Mithril & Adamant Falador (::mining): Tin, Copper, Coal & Mithril Supports pickaxes on inventory (banks everything but pickaxes) Assumes Edgeville as home (I don't know if this can be changed) Counts ores mined when banking them (not as they are mined) Tries to be human-like Here's a little progress report (updated): Now available on the SDN!
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    Open settings explorer -> change something in game -> click the refresh button
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    Could you make the script support Monk Fish as well. I am a donor ironman and monk fish are available in the store while Sharks are not.
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    Seeing how PC is really easy on Alora, would be neat to have a PC script. Does not need food or anything in inv, just need to get 30 damage by attacking portals/enemies. Options such as random portals and killing npcs if the portal you are at is dead and you don't have 30 damage would be neat, also a player count so it does not run unless there's like 5 players on the boat or whatever number.
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    You can search for items to get the id https://pastebin.com/b70XKCmz
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    Try running it with java 64 bits instead
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    Wait a bit and try again
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    Will add support for this sometime this upcoming week.
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    Welcome. Skype *spits* *Goes on rant about Microsoft ruining it and MSN messenger* We have a Discord:
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    Script updated. Fixed the Level-up widget click + Now activates run at a good level when it has stopped running.
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    Server name: Atlas #163.3 Website URL: https://atlas.ps Client URL: https://atlas.ps/download/ Average amounts of player: 100+ Additional information: Week old server. 100x combat 50x skilling. Pretty fun server. Would be willing to pay for any scripts + VIP if this could happen. Gold on this server will be worth a decent amount. Zulrah bot, abby demon, thieving gems, wcing, mining, smithing, everything makes money, Cannonballs etc. PM for more info
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    Fixed an issue with they keyboard typing Added a random for Alora's new anti-bot questions To purchase a VIP membership please head to the storeIf you're already a VIP member you can download the beta release here
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    not on my watch
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    Dev section: http://xobot.org/community/forum/8-developement/ Skeleton: Setting it all up You'll notice a lot of us started scripting by editing other peoples scripts and learning how they work. So basically simple fishers and stuff are a great starting point. Just don't claim any of it as your own and make sure to ask for permission from the author before you publicly release the script and be sure to give em credit. Otherwise you will not be liked.
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    Yeah i remember playing it when paladin kept the server in plain text, and i was a noob and used some bot called bs_bot 1.7 for it. the player count fluctuates hard and not to mention it closes and re opens like every 6 months which is exactly why it shouldn't be added imo
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    Teleports to a location by talking to the wizard (or using 'previous' if it was your last destination) Updated version to differ better between similar names (e.g slayer tower and varrock slayer tower) public static void teleport(String location) { final NPC wizard = NPCs.getNearest(4397); if(wizard != null) { final WidgetChild prev = Widgets.getWidgetChild(42860954); if(prev != null && prev.getText().toLowerCase().startsWith(location.toLowerCase())) { wizard.interact("prev"); return; }else { if(Widgets.isVisible(654)) { WidgetChild[] options = Widgets.get(654).getChildren(); for(WidgetChild option : options) { final String text = option.getText(); if(text != null && !text.isEmpty() && text.toLowerCase().trim().startsWith(location.toLowerCase())) { Packets.sendAction(0, option.getId(), 8, 0, "", "Ok"); Time.sleep(150); Packets.sendAction(0, 42860643, 28, 0, "", "Close"); } } }else { wizard.interact("talk-to"); Time.sleep(() -> Widgets.isVisible(654), 750); Time.sleep(150); teleport(location); } } } } Usage examples; teleport("karamja"); teleport("rock crabs"); teleport("steel dragons"); teleport("falad");
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    Auto login added Uid changer added Mac address changer fixed Keyboard API added Mouse API added Widgets explorer design fixed Websites opening blocked (no more meatspins ) Other stuff To purchase a VIP membership please head to the store If you're already a VIP member you can download the beta release here
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    Afk while staff around yes.
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    Great thing to wake up to!
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    Sorry boys, will update this soon. Added area constraints today (will make this optional of course) Probably going to add a couple more things like profile saving / loading, and re work the GUI
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    Using this as we speak, but not sure if it picks up rings and other valuable loot? If you could let me know, thanks. Ill post proggy soon. ----EDIT---- It does pick up rings, cool.
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    Try getting the item then interacting with it instead of what you're doing atm could turn like 30lines into 5 and won't have any problems with tinderbox slot or the "id glitch"